Brow Lift FAQs

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When you look in the mirror, are you dismayed by how tired you appear? Change your appearance from exhausted to energized with a brow lift from Orlando facial plastic surgery specialist Dr. Kenrick Spence. Dr. Spence is exceptionally experienced with designing combined rejuvenating procedures, such as a brow lift combined with eyelid surgery. To help you learn more, Dr. Spence has created the following answers to frequently asked questions from his patients about this procedure.

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Note: This information is not intended to be taken as medical advice. It is based on Dr. Spence's many years of experience performing brow lift surgery.

Brow Lift Questions Answered by Dr. Spence

People tell me I look tired and angry all the time. Will a brow lift help?

Yes. A low-set brow can cause you to appear angry and fatigued. A brow lift will raise your eyebrows to help you look more alert and positive.

I saw a TV show where a brow lift was performed by cutting across the scalp. It seems pretty scary.

That is called an open, or coronal, brow lift. Dr. Spence prefers the temporal, or endoscopic, brow lift, which requires much shorter incisions and maintains a greater chance of preserving sensation to the scalp.

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I want a brow lift, but I am afraid of looking startled.

As we age, the outside edge of the eyebrow descends more than the medial area toward the center of the face. If a plastic surgeon raises the medial brow too high, it can result in a startled appearance. Dr. Spence performs a temporal brow lift, which avoids this problem by elevating the lateral two-thirds of the brows, giving them a gentle, aesthetically pleasing arch.

I have a receding hairline but would like a brow lift. Where can you hide the scar?

For patients with receding hairlines who want modest elevation of the brows, Dr. Spence can perform a brow lift through an upper eyelid incision. This allows him to hide the scar in the crease of the upper eyelid.

I am male and have deep creases across my forehead and low brows, which make me feel old. Can I get a brow lift?

Yes. For men who have light complexions and deep lines across their foreheads, the operation can be done through the deep creases in the forehead. By performing the surgery using these creases, Dr. Spence avoids lengthening the forehead excessively, and the scar is hidden in a crease.

Is there a way to get a brow lift without surgery?

Yes. If you want to minimize the signs of aging around your brows without surgery, Dr. Spence can use BOTOX® Cosmetic, laser resurfacing or an injectable filler, such as Restylane®, JUVÉDERM®, RADIESSE® or Sculptra®, to provide you with a subtle and elegant rejuvenation.

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What is the recovery time for a brow lift?

Most patients are able to return to work within a week of having a brow lift.

Does every patient who has a brow lift have to have eyelid surgery?

No. Every brow lift patient does not have eyelid surgery. If you have low-set brows or asymmetric brows with no excess upper eyelid skin, Dr. Spence achieves the most exquisite results by performing only a brow lift.

Will a brow lift remove these deep wrinkles between my brows?

Dr. Spence can significantly minimize the lines between the brows by releasing the muscles causing those wrinkles during the brow lift procedure.

Are there any remedies for the deep lines across my forehead other than a brow lift?

BOTOX Cosmetic or Dysport® work very well on forehead wrinkles. These temporary treatments last 3 to 4 months.

When is a full incision across the scalp used for a brow lift?

The coronal brow lift used to be the most frequently used procedure and continues to be used by many surgeons. However, to provide his patients with the most natural looking results, Dr. Spence usually reserves this method for patients with a short forehead and deep forehead lines.

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