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Real life experiences documented in "The Journal of A Mommy Make Over Patient"

The day before surgery

On the night before surgery, I began to "nest". For most moms, you will know this feeling. You begin to fixate on getting everything in order. Everything! I cleaned the house, double and triple checked homework, filled the house with food, and had my son and daughter practice their musical instruments over and over and over again. Just when I was about to go completely nuts with excitement and fear, Kathleen's cool and calming voice reached me over the phone. It was as if she knew I was a ball of emotions. She reassured me that this was a completely elective procedure and I needed to take the pressure off of myself and focus only on getting a good nights rest. She walked through what would take place the next day and reminded me that I was in extraordinarily skilled and caring hands. With this I read to my kids and went off to bed.

My surgery day

My dear sweet sister arrived to take care of everything at home so that I could go off to get beautiful without a worry. What she did not know was that she was about to become my nurse. My surgery seemed effortless. Dr. Spence and Kathleen made it seem as if the world had stopped for me. Dr. Ondra, a board certified anesthesiologist, was warm and reassuring. The point of the day that stood out the most in my mind was when Dr. Spence marked me for surgery. He stood in front of me with a marker and began sketching like an artist consumed with birthing a beauty he saw within. The room and everyone in it stood perfectly still during this process. At the completion of his drawings, his nurse confirmed the instrumentation she sensed he needed to create the masterpiece.

Dr. Spence and Kathleen made it seem as if the world had stopped for me ...

Four hours later I woke up thinking, "Who rammed a truck into me, backed it up, and did it all over again?" I was not in pain, I just felt as if I could not move as fast as my mind was. I had looked at the clock on the wall and knew that my son had a football game he needed to attend in 2 hours and my daughter had a birthday party she was looking forward to attending. I told my nurse I needed to get up, she looked at me and simply smiled. Then she softly stroked my arm. This small action served to calm me into a much-needed sleep.

After the surgery

Four hours later I woke up thinking, "Who rammed a truck into me, backed it up, and did it all over again?" ...

After reaching home from surgery I tried getting on my bed. I think this could have been done if I has only underwent a mastopexy; however, after throwing in a full tummy tuck lying down was simply out of the question. For those moms who have been lucky enough to have a c-section, you will know exactly what I am referring to. Only until those muscles in your tummy are affected do you believe that every action you embark on requires them. I instead chose to sleep sitting up for 5 days. In retrospect, I wished I had owned a top of the line recliner with a holder for the remote, a folding tray for my meals, magazine, and laptop. Oh, and I wished I had one of those cushioned, raised toilets seats with hand bars. Also, for anyone contemplating any surgery, be sure to have nice cushy bedroom slippers, crackers and soup, Gatorade, a back scrubber with a long arm (you will not be in the mood to stretch for quite some time), a lotion applicator (this will assist in getting to your back as well), and a massage therapist who will come to your home. Do not underestimate the power of a massage postoperatively. You will be surprised at how much your entire body will coil and become tight. During your surgery is not the time to skimp moms! Remember you deserve it.

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