Real Life: Mastopexy

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Why does it seem that the appearance of my breasts will determine how I feel about myself not only on the outside but on the inside as well?

I am a mom that breast-fed my son for 18 months. My once perky C's are now an uneven and flat A. I have become very self-conscious and embarrassed on how I look. I dislike the person I see in the mirror. Shirts, bathing suit tops, and even bras appear to be wearing me instead of me wearing them. My self esteem has reached its lowest. After 3 years of feeling this way I decided to look into a breast lift.

I scheduled my consultation appointment with Dr. Spence. Soon after I hang up the phone I begin to second-guess myself...why am I doing this? Everything that once made perfect sense seemed wrong. I'm a mom... is this really an important thing for me to venture into?

I'm a mom... is this really an important thing for me to venture into? ...

When I arrived at my consultation appointment my nerves had peaked... why am I here? Once speaking with Dr. Spence and explaining my fears, he asked me what I wanted out of this. I told him I wanted my body to be in proportion, to look natural, and to like what I see in the mirror and not be embarrassed. I wanted to be self-confident. He smiled and said OK. My excitement started building, and then he told me I would need a bilateral periareolar mastopexy. My first thought was "What have I gotten myself into?" Once Dr. Spence explained this was basically a lift of both breasts and why he was recommending this, I was back on track.

I told Dr. Spence my concerns and how scared I was. He asked, "Do you trust me?" And I said "Yes" ....

Am I really doing this? It's the morning of my surgery and I am terrified. On my way to Dr. Spence’s office I realized this will change me forever. Will this be good or bad? I arrived at the office fighting back tears of being terrified, sad, and wondering again if this is the right thing for me. Dr. Spence came into the waiting area and I told him my concerns and how scared I was. I want to look natural. As I was holding back my tears, I told him I trusted him and to do what he thought would look the best. Then as I was going into surgery he asked again, "Do you trust me?" And I said "yes".

The next thing I remember is waking up sore but feeling like I made one of the best decisions of my life. The next day at my post-op appointment I saw my breasts for the first time. WOW, how awesome! Is this really me?! Why was I so terrified? This is perfect! All I could do was smile and say, "Dr. Spence, thank you." This time I was holding back tears of happiness.

Twelve weeks later I still have the same smile on my face. Dr. Spence knew me before I knew myself. His recommendation was PERFECT. All the highs and lows of my emotional trip are completely over. Everything I could possibly gain... confidence happiness, and yes, even a new bra size. I have them all!

Everything I could possibly gain... confidence happiness, and yes, even a new bra size. I have them all! ....

So the answer to my question at the beginning of my journey is "YES IT WILL". My breast lift has not only changed my appearance on the outside but it has changed me on the inside as well.

Thank you Dr. Spence for the wonderful experience and gift you have given me. Thank you Karen for your support and time spent with me. Thank you Dr. Spence, Karen, and staff for all of you kindness, support, and for making my journey complete.


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