Avoiding Capsular Contracture After Breast Surgery

Woman35 Breast augmentation or breast enhancement involves the skilled placement of implants by a certified plastic surgeon. While breast surgery is a personal decision, this type of enhancement procedure can drastically help a woman regain her sensuality, attractiveness and self-confidence. Just as with any type of plastic surgery, there are risks involved. When it comes to breast augmentation, capsular contracture can be a concern.

It is normal for women to develop scar tissue around the breast implant after surgery. This scar tissue is referred to as a “capsule” that holds and separates the implant from the rest of the body. While most patients have no problem with this scar tissue, some can experience from a painful condition called capsular contraction.

True to its name, capsular contraction happens when the capsule of scar tissue contracts around the implant. It can squeeze the implant, which can cause pain, hardening and even deformity within the breast. This is known to be the body’s response to a foreign object and is difficult to predict. Capsular contraction often develops within the first two years after plastic surgery. This condition is categorized in stages according to his severity or progression.

Ways to Help Prevent Capsular Contraction

First, you should know that capsular contraction only occurs in about 5-10% of cases. Additionally, while there is no way to fully prevent this condition, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk, including the following:

  • Choose an experienced breast surgeon
  • Consider “under the muscle” placement of implants
  • Make sure the surgical setting is sterile with minimal handling of the implant
  • Don’t choose an implant that is too large for your frame
  • Perform recommended post-surgical exercises and massage to keep implant pocket loose

Let us Ease Your Concerns about Breast Enhancement

Breast implants are an elective cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it can be hard to overcome your fears and concerns about the risks involved. At Hillcrest Plastic Surgery, you’ll be working with one of the nation’s most esteemed plastic surgeons. We also make it a priority to answer your questions and carefully walk you through rare but potential risks like capsular contracture. Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle understand the latest and most proven ways to deal with capsular contracture to minimize your discomfort and recovery. Call our Orlando clinic today to learn more.

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