New Techniques for Natural Results

At my Orlando medical spa, I specialize in new techniques using facial fillers to provide lasting and natural results. As a facial plastic surgeon, I have an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy, which allows me to avoid a “pulled” or “tight” look and create changes that are subtle yet striking. Here are 2 ways I am able to accomplish this:

1. Start slowly.

I start my patients off gradually, and then continue to create more dramatic results over time. For example, I may suggest Restylane® for a new patient who wants to smooth lines around the mouth. This will produce a subtle change that lasts for 4 to 6 months. Later, I may suggest a longer-lasting filler, such Sculptra® Aesthetic, which can last up to 2 years and provide more significant changes. This allows for a more subtle transition and lets my patients adapt to their new looks.

2. Customize treatments.

No two patients are alike. The best results come from tailoring each treatment to match the individual’s facial features and aesthetic goals. My dermal filler patients receive a thorough consultation that may include a skin assessment with the VISIA® Complexion Analysis system. This method helps me analyze the patient’s skin characteristics as well as the degree of sun damage, moisture, wrinkles, etc. From this information, I can start to develop a customized skin rejuvenation plan.

It’s important to note that natural, believable enhancements are created from a combination of education, skill and experience. My training in plastic surgery and experience have helped me hone my injection techniques to produce better outcomes. By choosing an experienced surgeon, you can feel more confident about your results.

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