Tips for Managing Ingrown Hair

iStock 1048730126 1Dr. Kenrick A. Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery in Orlando, FL, are available to help patients who struggle with unwanted hair. Instead of waxing and shaving, patients might want to think about the advantages of laser hair reduction and removal.

In the meantime, here are some recommendations for avoiding problems such as ingrown hairs:

  • Shave in the direction of hair growth to minimize irritation. When you shave in the direction of hair growth, the razor blade cuts the hair cleanly at the skin’s surface. This helps reduce your risk of developing ingrown hairs.
  • Use a sharp, clean razor to avoid tugging at the hair. A dull razor can cause hair to be pulled or tugged during shaving, which can lead to irritation and the development of ingrown hairs.
  • Do not shave too close to the skin. Not only can this contribute to ingrown hairs, but it can also increase the risk of cutting the skin or excessive dryness.
  • Exfoliate regularly to keep dead skin cells from trapping hair. When dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, they can block the hair follicle and cause hair to grow underneath.
  • Avoid tight clothing that can irritate the hair follicles. Wearing tight clothing, especially in areas where you shave, can irritate the hair follicles. Consider looser clothing and less form-fitted clothing to reduce your risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Consider laser hair removal. Patients who shave, wax, and use depilatory creams may deal with ingrown hair on a regular basis. However, by undergoing laser hair removal, you can significantly reduce and even eliminate the risk of ingrown hair while enjoying permanently smooth, hair-free skin!

Who is a good candidate for the laser hair removal treatments?

Laser hair removal treatments are an effective way of permanently eliminating unwanted hair anywhere on the body and is affordable and attainable for most patients in the Orlando, FL area. Patients of all skin types and hair types can benefit from laser hair removal, and we encourage our patients to book a consultation appointment with our staff to learn more about it. Our team of professionals can evaluate you to determine if you are a good fit for this treatment and if you can benefit from laser treatments. Call 407-999-2585 to request an initial evaluation and consultation to learn more!

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