Nipple Reduction

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Nipple Reduction Surgery

Some people have nipples or areolas that they consider too large. This can lead to a feeling of low self-esteem and can affect your clothing choices and overall confidence. Large nipples can give the breasts a less youthful appearance and can make undergarments uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, it is possible to correct the size of your nipples and give you a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Nipple Reduction Surgery: What to Expect

After consulting with Dr. Spence and deciding that nipple reduction is appropriate for you, a local anesthetic will be administered. An incision will be made in the nipple, and excess tissue will be removed. Permanent sutures will be placed, and the incision will be closed. You will be sent home with instructions for aftercare. The procedure generally takes around an hour to perform.

Nipple Reduction Surgery Recovery

After surgery, Dr. Spence will discuss recovery procedures. You will be asked to limit activity until healing is complete, including limiting heavy lifting and strenuous exercise. Most activities can resume after a couple of weeks. Dr. Spence’s staff will instruct you on proper cleaning and care of your surgery site. You will experience some swelling and numbness for a few weeks after surgery, and you may notice some bruising as well. You will see results within a couple of months.

Could you benefit from a nipple reduction procedure? For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spence to discuss your options, contact Hillcrest Plastic Surgery in Orlando, FL.

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