Fat Injections-Dr. Kenrick Spence

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Case Details

This patient is a married 52 year old professional male. He works out at least 5 days a week and also dances. His areas of concern are his nasal labial folds, fine lines and jowls. Dr. Spence suggested a facelift in Orlando, along with a temporal brow lift, bilateral upper blepharoplasty and fat injections.
Pleased with his results, he chose to come back to Dr. Spence 4 months later and have a consultation regarding his abdomen, back and flanks. Even after working out, he had trouble losing the inches around those areas. Dr. Spence preformed SculptEase. This patient was back to normal activities shortly after.

Next area of concern was the redness/superficial veins on his face. Dr. Spence suggested that he consult with our licensed esthetician and discuss Intense Pulse Light (IPL). After a few treatments the redness was gone. He continues to visit our office for further IPL treatment on his nose, arms and hands. He looks FANTASTIC!

Patient Age: 52

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