Revision Liposuction

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Liposuction is one of the most popular body contouring procedures performed in America today. The majority of cosmetic surgery patients in Orlando are very happy with their liposuction results, but as with all surgical procedures, less than satisfactory outcomes can occur. Many liposuction patients are turning to Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Kenrick Spence to achieve their expected contour, improve skin irregularities, or smooth out uneven fatty deposits through a revision liposuction procedure.

Many forms of liposuction and fat dissolving procedures claim the ability to tighten the skin. It is important that patients ask for justification of these claims by thorough review of photographs and perhaps talking to patients of similar skin types who have had the procedure performed.

Some indications for revision liposuction include:

Sagging Skin

If your skin is already sagging, removing additional fat tissue is likely to cause further drooping of the skin. Before undergoing liposuction in Orlando or being enticed by high tech devices promoted to tighten excess sagging skin, Dr. Spence urges you to determine that you are in fact a good candidate for the procedure. During his consultations, Dr. Spence discusses how different areas of the body respond to a liposuction procedure.

For example, there are times when skin with less than optimal elasticity can undergo liposuction over the concave hollow of the waist line while the same kind of skin may be quite unforgiving on the inner thigh. Dr. Spence recommends the use of compression garments designed to reduce swelling and as well as constantly moisturizing the skin to optimize skin tone after liposuction.

Dimpling or Concave Contour

One of the key aspects of liposuction which has made it a reliable procedure throughout the years is the uniformity of fat removal allowed by the procedure. With fat dissolving procedures, the injections of chemicals may not always be uniformly distributed throughout the tissue and may not uniformly dissolve fat leading to irregularities in the skin. Even with traditional liposuction in Orlando, Dr. Spence advises that the surgeon must delicately and evenly extract the fat so as to avoid concaving or dimpling of the surgical area.

The ability to fat graft areas of hollow contour irregularities is essential. For example, women who have had too much fat removed from the lateral buttocks giving a masculinized look may require a narrowing of the waistline with liposuction and fat grafted to the lateral buttock to achieve a natural feminine curve. Men on the other hand want a more squared-off look which can be achieved through removal of excess fat around the lateral thigh area.

Silhouette Imbalance

Revision liposuction requires an Orlando plastic surgeon to have a strong artistic sense of the body shape to determine the elements of contour that are missing to create an enhanced silhouette.

Specialized techniques are available to remove fat from areas previously treated with liposuction, mesotherapy, or Smartlipo™. The waistline has very dense fat and when previously operated on this area may have significant scarring. Dr. Spence has found power assisted liposuction to be the ideal cosmetic surgery technique to revise unsatisfying results in this area. In addition, his experience with fat grafting is very helpful in knowing just how much to graft and where to graft.

As we age our abdominal muscles become lax. Childbirth may have taken its toll. Skin that has lost its tone begins to sag and develops stretch marks, fatty deposits appear in unwanted areas around the thighs, hips, arms, neck, knees, and even the ankles. The pubis drops and the belly button changes shape. The experienced body contouring plastic surgeon must pay attention to the details of all areas to produce a look of aesthetic harmony. What we see from the back and sides is just as important as what we see from the front.

Aesthetic harmony can only be achieved by paying attention to these details for a Three Dimensional Approach. A flat abdomen with a wide waist or a flat abdomen, narrow waist with wide hips and lack of tapered knees or even thick ankles will have an unfinished look.

When performing liposuction, Dr. Spence pays particular attention to how each body area "fits" with surrounding areas to create three dimensional body harmony. While visiting with Dr. Spence he will guide you on a mental picture of the total body image you want to achieve. Detailed drawings, evaluation of skin tone, height and weight consideration along with the length of the torso, thighs, and shoulder width will all be taken into consideration during your consultation for Three Dimensional body sculpting.

Avoiding Revision Liposuction

All patients want to achieve their ideal appearance the first time around, but like all surgical procedures, liposuction is not completely free of complications. Risks can be minimized by seeking several opinions, asking to view before and after photographs, and selecting a surgeon with extensive experience. Ask how complications would be dealt with. Ask your Orlando plastic surgeon what makes a good candidate for the procedure and what kind of results can be expected. Be realistic with respect to your skin tone, body shape, height and weight. Learn of the steps to be taken before and after surgery to enhance the outcome of your procedure. When you visit our cosmetic surgery practice in Orlando, you will receive a thorough evaluation including detailed drawings, evaluation of skin tone, and a discussion of your desired results.

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