Tummy Tuck Surgery for Patients Coming from Jamaica and the Caribbean

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If you are interested in tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery, please call our office to discuss your goals and to find out why Doctor Spence and Doctor Ovalle are plastic surgeons that the Caribbean counts on for the best results in cosmetic tummy tuck surgery procedures.

Plastic Surgeons Dr. Kenrick Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle are board-certified plastic surgeons whose office is based in Orlando, Florida. Doctor Spence and Doctor Ovalle have been the go-to plastic surgeon for patients coming from Jamaica and the Caribbean for many years. Traveling to Orlando Florida from Jamaica or from most places in the Caribbean is an easy flight and gives you access to one of the top plastic surgeons serving your area.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Changes in body contour are a typical part of the aging process. Changes from pregnancy, age, and weight gain include excess skin above and below the belly button, excess skin overlaying the belly button with a change in shape, descent of the pubis with accumulation of fatty deposits, and lax muscles with fatty deposits around the waist line along with stretch marks. Because these developments happen to so many of us as the years pass, and because more and more people take advantage of plastic surgery to look their best, many in Orlando seek abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, to regain their youthful torso.

A successful tummy tuck must addresses all of these issues. It is important that the belly button maintains a natural shape and that the scars are low enough to be well hidden while maintaining the shape and contour of an abdomen typical of youth. These are some of the details Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle will discuss with you during your consultation. With a keen eye for body proportion, he will help you achieve your desired goals. Many women yearn to have a flat abdomen but despite aggressive exercise and dieting are never able to regain that contoured look. With fluctuation in weight, males can find themselves with excess skin, fat, and a lax abdomen. Abdominoplasty with Orlando's Dr. Kenrick Spence or Dr. Fernando Ovalle is an ideal solution for these men and women who long to restore their youthful shape.

Click to find out more about today's modern abdominoplasty surgery and read Frequently Asked Questions from our patients. Then schedule your consultation today at 407-999-2585 to explore abdominoplasty at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery with Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle. Also feel free to browse through our Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos.

Evaluation for a Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

During the consultation, patients will be evaluated on the following:

  • The patient's overall health
  • The patient's body is examined for proportion including:
    • Abdomen
    • Torso
    • Waistline
    • Back
    • Thighs
  • During the exam Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle inspects the body for:
    • Lax muscles
    • Excess skin
    • Excess fat
    • Abdominal scars
    • The location of any excess skin above or below the belly button
    • Stretch marks
    • The shape and location of the belly button

Preparation for a Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

  • Weight must be relatively stable
  • Stop smoking 8 weeks prior to surgery
  • Get well hydrated prior to surgery

Click to find out more about preparing for abdominoplasty surgery.

Procedure: Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Because everyone has unique needs, Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle perform different kinds of abdominoplasty procedures for Orlando, Florida men and women. These include:

  • Abdominoplasty/Full Tummy Tuck
  • Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Liposculpture with Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty/Full Tummy Tuck

A full tummy tuck removes excess skin located between the belly button and the pubis; the remaining upper abdominal skin is then stretched to replace the lower abdominal skin. A new opening is created for the belly button and the shape of the belly button is changed, as needed. Muscle tightening is done in two different directions; the muscle is tightened (not cut) to produce a firm central abdomen and then to narrow the waistline. The scar is kept low in the panty line from hip to hip. Drains are placed.

Mini Tummy Tuck

During a mini tummy tuck, a portion of excess skin, located between the belly button and the pubis, is removed; the remaining skin is then stretched to close the incision. Muscles are tightened, as needed, and the belly button is kept attached. Liposuction to the upper abdomen may also be performed during a mini tummy tuck. The scar is a shorter one, lying just over the pubis.

High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck

Excess skin between the belly button and the pubis extending into the waist is removed, this results in a slightly more extensive scar than a full tummy tuck. During the high lateral tension tummy tuck, muscles are tightened as needed; in addition, this type of tummy tuck will also produce some additional lifting of the lateral thighs.

Risks of a Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Surgery

  • Seroma - fluid collection beneath the skin requiring drainage by needle
  • Clot formation in the legs - patients with a history of clots or a family history of clots.
  • Poor wound healing (more common in smokers)
  • Poor scarring: scars will take several months to reach their final appearance

This is a short list of risks associated with tummy tuck surgery. During your consultation and consent processes at Dr. Ovalle and Dr. Spence's Orlando, Florida plastic surgery practice, Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle will review a more extensive list of risks and the precautions one can take to minimize these risks.

Click to find out more about possible risks and complications of abdominoplasty.

Recovery from Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck Surgery

Full Tummy Tuck

  • Requires an overnight stay
  • Most patients return to work within 2 weeks

High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck

  • Requires an overnight stay
  • Most patients return to work within 2 weeks

Mini Tummy Tuck

  • Considered an outpatient procedure
  • Most patients return to work within 7 to 10 days
  • There should be no heavy lifting for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Drains are removed when they are draining less than 30 cc per day.

When choosing your body contouring surgeon, select someone with a practice dedicated to body contouring. The ability to see body image in three dimensions is very important. Your consultation time will be spent doing detailed planning to achieve the look you desire. Short scar tummy tucks with muscle tightening have become very popular among male patients. Following pregnancy, many women regain their self-esteem and body image by undergoing a full or mini abdominoplasty at our Orlando, Florida plastic surgery practice.

To schedule a tummy tuck consultation at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery with Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle, call 407-999-2585 or request an abdominoplasty consultation online.

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons News Release

"New Study Finds Significant and Lasting Improvement in Body Image Following Cosmetic Surgery" - Results of a new study showed patients have significant and sustained improvements in body image after surgery. The researchers found that patients experience a decrease in the frequency of negative body image emotions..... read more.

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