Tummy Tuck Combo Procedures

Tummy Tuck Combination Procedures in Orlando Florida


After pregnancy or weight loss the changes may be consistent throughout the body. Skin has stretched and deflated, muscles have weakened, and key structures have drooped such as the nipples and belly button. It is not uncommon for such patients to turn to their plastic surgeon for help. With the advent of modern anesthesia and surgical procedures multiple combined procedures now carry less risk. Proper patient selection is important for tummy tuck combination procedures. Patients must be in overall good health.

As you look in the mirror to determine what changes you want to make, Dr. Spence encourages patients to see themselves in 3 dimensions; seeing not just what they see but what others see, putting the entire picture together. For example, a flat abdomen without a nicely contoured waist or too wide of hips does not look proportional here in lies the art of the body contouring surgeon. Note that when your tummy is flat your breasts show much more projection.

Common Tummy Tuck Combination Procedures

In Dr. Spence’s Orlando practice the following procedures are most commonly combined with a tummy tuck:

Decisions to Go Over With Your Surgeon

During the planning a discussion of this 3 dimensional body contouring approach will take place. The way the shape and projection of the breast ties into the contour of the abdomen will be discussed. Narrowing of the waistline with liposuction techniques and areas for improvement on the hips and thighs will be outlined. For example, if a breast reduction is being performed and the abdomen is flat with narrow shoulders, one may want a more projecting breast in which case a superior pedicle vertical scar reduction may be chosen. This gives projection to the breast as opposed to an inferior pedicle, which may give a wider, flatter breast.

Remember, body contouring is an art as much as it is a science. Body proportion is important and the time to address this is in the planning stages of your surgery.

Here in Orlando, breast lifts are commonly combined with tummy tuck operations. The thin stretched skin of the abdomen is removed, the pubis is lifted, and the belly button is reshaped. Often times these patients also have lax skin on their breasts with loss of volume; a breast lift works well to correct this and does not prolong the recovery time.

Advantages to combined procedures may include less recovery time as well as cost savings. However, the most important issue is patient safety.

To schedule a tummy tuck consultation with Dr. Spence at Orlando Plastic Surgery, call 407-999-2585 or request an abdominoplasty consultation online. Also, feel free to browse through our Before and After Photo Gallery for Orlando tummy tuck photos.

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