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Cosmetic Surgery FAQ

No Down Time Facial Rejuvenation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How many treatments of microdermabrasion are necessary until I see an improvement?

Most patients see improvement after a single treatment. Microdermabrasions of varying depths may be combined with chemical peels also of varying depths to give very dramatic results. These medical spa skin care treatments are usually administered by a physician or under the direction of one.

Do I need to be on a skincare regimen to undergo microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion works best when your skin is prepared. A physician-supervised skincare regimen optimizes the outcome of microdermabrasion.


What are some common side effects of BOTOX®?

  1. Bruising. Be sure to advise your plastic surgeon of any blood thinning products you are taking or if you bruise easily.
  2. Shortened effect of BOTOX®. There are a few patients in whom BOTOX® will not work. In addition, the effects of BOTOX® are dependent on the amount of product used. A small amount used over the entire face will diminish the effects of BOTOX®.

Does BOTOX® require a skin test? When can I return to work?

No, BOTOX® does not require any test dose, and you can return to work right after injection.


Does the use of injectable fillers always produce "big lips"?

No. Fillers like Restylane® may be used in moderate amounts to produce a subtle but attractive fullness to the lips with correction of fine lines at the lip borders.

Can I receive a filler treatment and BOTOX® at the same time?

Yes. These injectables may be used on different parts of the face to complement each other, with the correction to wrinkles of the forehead, around the eyes, lips, and nose.

If dark skinned, can I receive injectable filler treatments?

Yes. Skin color does not affect the use of fillers or to any of our no down time rejuvenation protocols. Injectable fillers are a part of our minimal down time rejuvenation protocol and may be performed in conjunction with:

  • BOTOX®
  • Vein Therapy
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Lasers
  • Fat Injections

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