Bootleg BOTOX®

Use of counterfeit BOTOX® is on the rise, being produced in countries such as China, Iran, and India. Many of these products make their way into the US via the Canadian border. To date only BOTOX Cosmetic is the only botulinum-based wrinkle treatments that are FDA approved and widely used throughout the United States.

How to Avoid a Bad Batch of “BOTOX”

  • Ask your provider the source of the BOTOX.
  • Find a board-certified Plastic Surgeon. Most reputable surgeons advertising BOTOX in Orlando will not put their careers on the line for a few extra dollars profit.
  • Ask who prepares the BOTOX injection prior to treatment and make sure it is freshly opened.

Finally, if your BOTOX is not working, that does not necessarily mean it is bootleg BOTOX. Treatment with BOTOX cosmetic can lead to antibody fluctuations, which could diminish the result. Don’t panic. Discuss this in a timely fashion with your doctor.

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