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At Hillcrest Plastic Surgery, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients. This commitment draws patients from around the world to our Orlando plastic surgery practice and medical spa.

Our medical director, Dr. Kenrick Spence, is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery and minimally invasive, no-downtime procedures for facial rejuvenation. He has assembled a staff of compassionate, knowledgeable professionals who share his commitment to excellent patient care and beautiful results.

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Our Services

We specialize in the treatment of the full range of skin colors, types, and conditions, and customize each patient's protocol to meet their personal needs. From the moment you enter our beautiful office, our goal is to make you feel at ease and to give you the personal attention you deserve.

Why Choose Us


We exist to achieve your cosmetic goals. Our approach is highly individualized and designed to understand your expectations and goals and provide a customized cosmetic plan for exceeding your expectations.


Dr. Spence is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with more than 2 decades' experience as a physician. Dr. Spence has the knowledge and experience to exceed your goals for cosmetic surgery.


Prior to any treatments, you will receive a comprehensive consultation. It is during the consultation that a safe and customized plan will emerge to facilitate the accomplishment of your cosmetic goals.


An informed patient makes the best decision and assures satisfaction. Therefore, a significant effort is made to ensure you understand the risks and benefits associated with each service that we provide.

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Dr. Kenrick A. Spence

Dr. Kenrick A. Spence, M.D, P.A.

Renowned among cosmetic plastic surgeons in Orlando, Dr. Kenrick Spence has been in the practice of medicine since 1990 and private practice as a plastic surgeon since 1999. In 2011, he turned the focus of his practice to facial plastic surgery and rejuvenation where he has expanded his offering of procedures and treatments.

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Enhance your natural beauty

We exist to achieve your cosmetic goals. Our approach is highly individualized and designed to understand your expectations, and provide a customized plan for meeting them.

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Patient Reviews

Hillcrest Plastic Surgery


Based on 28 reviews

Roxanne Jones

I love the office and staff here, They are always so friendly and pleasant. I love the different Promotion they offer for the holiday also the doctors are ausome the best that I have ever encounterd and I have had a few nits and tucks done here and there.

Jamie Chisolm

I have been a patient of Dr. Spence twice now. I didn't hesitate to contact him when I was ready to move forward with my adominoplasty. It has been a long and, at times, rough recovery but Dr. Spence and his staff have been right by my side every step of the way.

Connie Hansen

I have been a patient of Dr. Spence twice now. I love the results and thanks to him I feel great! Dr. Spence and his team are very friendly and professional, they make you feel right at home. I would definitely recommend all my friends and family.

Our Blog

Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Does it Really Work?

Hands down, without a doubt, undeniably, the answer is YES!Laser skin rejuvenation has come a long way and the results are synonymous! We use lasers on a daily basis for all types of skin problems and our patients are thrilled! In Florida, sun damaged skin is inevitable! However, living with it doesn’t have to be! Lasers can remove brown spots, even out the skin tone, remove pigment, remove unsightly blood vessels, significantly reduce wrinkles, smooth acne scars, ...

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Bootleg ‘Botox’ and Folly Fillers
Trend or Terror?

Dr. Spence specializes in revisionary facial plastic surgery and he is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of patients coming to him with facial deformities, serious infections, and in some cases irreversible damage after being injected with bootleg “Botox” and folly (illegal) fillers. More and more people are being lured into clandestine hotels, ‘spas’ and people’s homes, no questions asked, to be injected with ‘cheap’ “Botox” and “dermal fillers”.

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Facelift - Then and Now: A Look At How Far Modern Techniques Have Come

More often than not, when patients hear Dr. Spence say the word ‘facelift,’ I see an immediate change in their posture and a grimace come across their faces. This is because the traditional facelift done years ago typically resulted in a ‘windblown’ or ‘pulled back,’ unnatural look which is definitely NOT a desired look for most patients and it certainly is not a look Dr. Spence wishes to deliver. The great news is, today’s facelift is NOTHING like it used to be!

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