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When warm weather tempts us to enjoy the great outdoors, we look forward to wearing shorts, skirts, and other sportswear suited to sunny seasons. If spider veins and unattractive purple and blue vein imperfections are causing you to wear your winter wardrobe even on the hottest summer days, it's time to consider the benefits of sclerotherapy in Orlando.

At the Hillcrest Plastic Surgery, we use this medical spa body treatment to:

  • Minimize purple and blue vein blemishes
  • Make unsightly veins virtually invisible

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With extensive knowledge and skills, Dr. Kenrick Spence specializes in achieving a beautiful, healthy look you'll love!

Your Sclerotherapy Consultation

Before your sclerotherapy treatment, you will be scheduled for an in-depth consultation. We will discuss how to prepare for your procedure and provide you with specific instructions to follow after your treatment. Prior to the treatment, you will need to discontinue any use of certain medications and supplements, such as aspirin, Vitamin E, flaxseed oil, Omega 3-6-9, Motrin, and Advil. You may not be a good candidate for treatment if you are taking Coumadin.

During your consultation, we will use a Doppler to screen your veins. This screening method is recommended to determine the best treatment.

Your Treatment

To minimize discomfort, a topical anesthetic is applied before each targeted vein is injected with a chemical solution, Sotradecol, which is an FDA-approved sclerosing agent. This chemical solution causes the unsightly veins to collapse and become almost invisible.

Most patients experience only a slight stinging sensation, which lasts for just a few seconds after the injection. Depending on the area treated and the condition of your veins, the entire procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

After the Treatment

You will need to wear compression stockings for several days. Although you may experience some bruising in the area treated and small, red areas at the injection sites, these concerns usually vanish within days after your treatment. You may have small red areas at the injection sites which usually resolve within days after treatment. You also may experience some bruising in the treatment area.

Depending on your situation, we may recommend 3 to 6 sessions to achieve optimal results. Full results should be visible approximately 6 to 8 weeks after your final sclerotherapy session.

Is There Downtime After Spider Vein Treatment?

Sclerotherapy typically requires little to no downtime, with most patients returning to normal activities the same day. However, you should follow a few tips for the best possible results. Avoid heavy lifting, squatting, or running for the first week after your appointment since intense physical activity can cause more inflammation.

It’s also a good idea to skip saunas and hot baths or showers for the first week since high temperatures could cause the veins to expand and compromise your results. Avoiding prolonged sun exposure immediately after your appointment and long term is essential since UV damage can trigger the development of new veins.

Additionally, you should try not to sit or stand in one place for longer than an hour or two in the week after treatment. If you have a job requiring prolonged standing or sitting, you might consider regularly wearing compression garments to work.

Are There Side Effects of Sclerotherapy?

The most common side effects of sclerotherapy, like itching, bruising, swelling, redness, and discomfort around the treatment site, are mild and resolve in a few days. Serious side effects are rare but can include an allergic reaction to the sclerosing aging, an ulceration around the injection site, blood clots in the treated veins, or skin infections.

Choosing a skilled provider with plenty of experience can minimize your risk of side effects. Visiting board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Kenrick Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle Jr. ensures you’ll receive the highest standard of care.

Will My Spider Veins Go Away Permanently After Sclerotherapy?

Removing spider veins with sclerotherapy typically takes several sessions. While the veins that we eliminate during your treatment won’t come back, new spider veins can still develop. Risk factors for developing telangiectasias include:

  • Genetics: If other family members have spider veins, you’re more likely to develop them.
  • Obesity: Healthy weight loss can help you reduce your risk of getting new spider veins since being overweight or obese puts added pressure on your veins.
  • Being female: Women are more likely than men to develop spider veins. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, menstrual periods, and menopause could be a contributing factor since female hormones tend to relax vein walls. Additionally, birth control pills and other forms of hormonal birth control could increase your risk.
  • Sitting or standing in place: Movement supports healthy blood flow, so you’re more likely to develop spider veins if you sit or stand in one place for long periods. Desk jobs can contribute, as can a profession like teaching, nursing, or cashier jobs.
  • Sun exposure: Prolonged UV exposure can increase your risk of spider veins and make existing veins look more prominent as they enlarge in the heat. 

Is Sclerotherapy Safe?

When performed by a qualified provider, sclerotherapy is a safe and effective cosmetic treatment. The risk of serious side effects is low if you’re a good candidate for spider vein removal. 

However, if you have the following conditions, our providers may recommend a different treatment:

  • You take prescription blood thinners.
  • You have clotting or bleeding disorders.
  • You’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or gave birth in the last three months.
  • You have existing unmanaged medical conditions.

Before your sclerotherapy treatment, our doctors will conduct a thorough intake to ensure your risk of complications is low. It’s essential to disclose any medical conditions (especially vascular disorders), over-the-counter supplements, and prescriptions, as they could interfere with spider vein treatment. Light therapy is a possible alternative to fade telangiectasias if you don’t qualify for sclerotherapy.

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