Revision Facelift Surgery in Orlando

Revision Facelift

Dr. Kenrick Spence is renowned for his in-depth facial plastic surgery knowledge and skills,  which makes him an expert in revision facelift surgery.

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With extensive knowledge and skills, Dr. Kenrick Spence specializes in achieving a beautiful, healthy look you'll love!

How Soon After My Initial Facelift Can I Have A Revision?

Much like revision rhinoplasty, revision facelifts require time for swelling to subside and the tissues to soften, depending on the kind of facelift and the problems encountered. This may take up to a year. Meeting with a revision facelift surgeon six months after your initial surgery gives you an opportunity to plan your facelift revision.

My Scars From My Facelift Are A Straight Line In Front Of My Ear. Can This Be Revised?

Yes, there are different designs of facelift scars. Dr. Spence prefers a scar that follows the curves of the ear and rolls gently back into the hairline. In general, there are no straight lines on the human face, so scars are much better hidden when they form outlines of anatomic features.

Can A Deep Plane Facelift Be Revised?

Yes, a deep plane facelift can be successfully revised. It is important that your surgeon be skilled in deep plane techniques. These facelifts tend to stay swollen for a slightly longer period of time, so it’s important to be patient as Dr. Spence walks you through your revision journey.

Can Fat Grafting Be Added To My Revision Facelift?

It is very common for Dr. Spence to add fat grafting to revision facelifts. Tightening skin over an empty face with lots of volume can often give a tired, haggard appearance. Fat grafting is the ideal tool to blend the face, creating a healthy, youthful appearance.

Can I Add My Brow Lift And Eyes To My Revision Facelift?

Yes, completing the process of total facial rejuvenation often gives a consistent, youthful look throughout. When only the lower face is done, patients may end up with a young neck and old eyes.

Can Laser Resurfacing Be Added To My Revision Facelift?

Dr. Spence believes in total facial rejuvenation and age management reconditioning. The skin is part of creating an overall vibrant and youthful appearance. Skin on a young face seems incomplete. Laser resurfacing and chemical peels are often procedures added to revision facelifts.

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