Torn Ear Lobe Repair

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The earlobes are composed entirely of cartilage, which makes this area of the ear especially vulnerable to damage. If you have torn earlobes or earlobes that are elongated or misshapen, we can help you at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery. While the earlobes are not a primary feature of the face, they can still distract from your natural beauty if they are stretched or disproportional. Torn earlobes can also make it impossible to wear earrings. Dr. Kenrick Spence is a reputable facial plastic surgeon with expertise in repairing torn earlobes and reshaping unsightly earlobes.

Damage to the earlobe structures can happen due to a variety of circumstances. While some patients experience direct injury or trauma to the ear, most cases of torn or stretched earlobes are a result of wearing heavy earrings or having multiple or misplaced piercings along the earlobe. Regardless of what caused your earlobe damage, you can trust Dr. Spence to bring the necessary surgical skill and precision to correct it. He is a talented facial plastic surgeon that uses refined, minimally invasive techniques to produce natural, balanced results in all areas of the face.

Earlobe Plastic Surgery

When choosing Hillcrest Plastic Surgery for your cosmetic earlobe procedure, you can expect an effective, quick experience with no downtime. Most earlobe plastic surgeries are carried out in a matter of minutes, using only local anesthesia. Whether your earlobes have elongated as you’ve aged or they were ripped during an accident involving an earring, Dr. Spence is fully qualified to restore the natural shape, contour and fullness of your earlobe. In fact, many patients can go back to wearing earrings again after the site heals.

If the appearance, damage or deformity of your earlobes is a source of concern, contact Hillcrest Plastic Surgery today. We offer a full menu of plastic surgery procedures for the face and body. Dr. Spence has a keen awareness of how to bring harmony and beauty to the face, even when it involves the earlobes. Your past piercings or heavy earring usage doesn’t have to result in permanent aesthetic repercussions. Our earlobe plastic surgeries in Orlando involve minor repairs as well as full earlobe reconstructions.

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