Lip Reduction

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Lip Reduction Surgery

While it is common for patients to be bothered by lips that are too flat or thin, it can be equally concerning to have lips that are too large or protruding. In fact, any facial feature that is not in proper proportion with the rest of the face can be a major distraction for one’s overall facial beauty. To address large lips and restore ideal harmony to the face, lip reduction surgery can be performed. Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle are experts at lip enhancement and sculpting the lips. They use specific techniques to create natural contour, size and texture within the lips. If your large lips are a source of embarrassment or functional concern, you can trust Hillcrest Plastic Surgery for a preferred solution in lip reduction.

Correction for Protruding Lips

When it comes to reducing the size of the lips, a surgical procedure is necessary. Rest assured that Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle will use the most effective yet minimally-invasive techniques possible, including hidden incisions inside the mouth. While patients may experience temporary discomfort, lip reduction surgery is considered a straight-forward and quick-healing procedure for the majority of patients. In fact, many patients opt to combine lip reshaping along with their lip reduction in order to create the best overall outcome.

Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle have a keen eye for balance and beauty in the face, and they understand exactly how to bring your facial features into proper proportion. For some patients, a rhinoplasty is better suited to balance the size of the lips and the nose. We will thoroughly evaluate your unique concerns and clinical needs before recommending a cosmetic treatment plan.

Are your protruding lips overpowering your natural beauty? Do you have large lips that inhibit your ability to make certain mouth expressions? Contact Hillcrest Plastic Surgery today. Our excellence in lip reduction surgery can help you reclaim your confidence.

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