Breast and Nipple Reconstruction After a Mastectomy

When having a mastectomy because of breast cancer, our Orlando, Florida surgeons, Dr. Kenrick Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle, may remove the entire breast, nipple, and areola.  After undergoing this body-altering procedure, you can choose to have reconstructive surgery performed to regain your appearance and confidence.

Typically, there are three steps to breast and nipple reconstruction after a mastectomy.

  1. Replacing the Breast

If your entire breast was removed, then you can have it replaced by using extra tissue from your abdomen, buttocks, or back. You may also select to have silicone or saline breast implants performed.

  1. Nipple Reconstruction

Your surgeon will select a small amount of donor tissue from another area of your body and shape it to reflect nipple tissue. To make the nipple look more erect, you may need some additional fat or synthetic fillers be placed as well.

  1. Your New Areola

Replacing your nipple won’t give you a new areola. Many women choose to get an areola shaped tattoo on the area. Newer 3-D tattoo procedures are also being used to help create a more realistic looking nipple.

For women who prefer not to have any additional surgeries, you may want to opt for just getting a tattoo for both nipple and areola. The decision is totally up to the patient and whatever they feel best doing. It’s a truly personal decision and one that only you can make. Our Orlando surgeon will give you plenty of advice throughout the process.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

If you’re looking for an excellent cosmetic surgeon to discuss you breast and nipple reconstruction options with, then call Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery in Orlando, Florida.  We look forward to helping you gain back your confidence!

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