Can You Still Breast Feed after Having Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

The answer is…it depends.   bigstockphoto_Breastfeeding It depends on the person, the timing, the doctor, and the procedure.  The possibility of being able to breast feed after cosmetic breast surgery is correlated to a number of variables.  It is very important to understand that many women that have never had breast surgery are unable to breast feed due to other variables. Therefore, if you have your first baby after you have had cosmetic breast surgery it is absolutely impossible to predict whether or not it is related to the surgery. Let me break it down even further.  Most ’20 something’s’ can get breast implants  (breast augmentation) without hindering their ability to breast feed down the road (if they were able to breast feed in the first place). However, patients that undergo more extensive surgeries like breast reductions and uplifts which involve removal of breast tissue have a decreased number of milk ducts after the procedure because they are contained in the tissue that has to be removed. This is why it’s so important to have a consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making ANY decision to proceed with cosmetic surgery on your breasts. Call us for a consultation if you are considering having cosmetic breast surgery because the right plan and right timing, on the right person is crucial for optimal results! You are unique¶ your surgical plan should be too!

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