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Do you have stubborn, unwanted fat on your body despite proper diet and exercise? Unsightly bulges of fat can disrupt a confident contour and quickly sabotage your self-esteem. While liposuction is a likely solution to remove your unwanted fat, many patients shy away from the procedure due to the anesthesia and downtime that is required. Fortunately, modern liposuction techniques and technology offers an answer. The SculptEase™ body contouring procedure offers proven liposuction techniques, but without the recovery and downtime that traditional liposuction involves.

What is SculptEase™?

SculptEase™ Liposuction is set apart by a special technique that infuses anesthetic fluid beneath the skin prior to fat removal. This mixture of lidocaine and epinephrine not only numbs the area for up to 24 hours after surgery, but it also shrinks the blood vessels beneath the skin to minimize blood loss and bruising. Fat is removed meticulously and painlessly through tiny cannulas.

Why Do Patients Love SculptEase™?

The advantages of choosing SculptEase™ are easy to see and ideal for patient who:

Busy, can’t afford downtime. Whether you are a busy mom or a corporate leader, it may not be possible to check out for multiple days to recover from your fat removal procedure. With SculptEase™, patients can typically return to work and normal activity with in 24 hours!

Aversion or concern of being put under. The highlighted benefit of SculptEase™ is that it can be performed without general anesthesia. This is ideal for those that have had a bad experience with general anesthesia in the past or have a medical condition that prevents them from being put to sleep.

Prefer to lessen risks and cost. Without using general anesthesia, patients can avoid the risks and extra cost that accompany it. This is a highlighted benefit of choosing SculptEase™ for your body contouring solution.

Are You a Candidate for SculptEase™?

To be an ideal candidate for the SculptEase™ body contouring procedure, you should be a non-smoker who is in good overall health and no more than 20 lbs over your ideal body weight. In addition, a motivated patient who is committed to a healthy and active lifestyle after the procedure will have better success in maintaining their SculptEase™ results.

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Dr. Kenrick Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle proudly offer SculptEase™ liposuction as a proven and convenient way for patients to regain a confident body contour with minimal disruption to their schedule. Call today to schedule your consult!

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