Planning a “Butt Lift” Consultation

Woman Lying on the Beach Undergoing butt lift surgery can improve your body’s shape by altering the size of your derriere and adding volume. To do this procedure our Orlando plastic surgeon will do a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle will remove fat from your waistline and thighs to help make your butt look rounder. To make it larger, he will inject the harvested fat into your buttock.

If a butt lift sounds like it’s right for you, here’s what to expect during your private consultation.

Meeting With Our Orlando Plastic Surgeon

We’ll first gather your medical history. If you’ve had previous surgeries, you should be sure to tell us what they were for, and when they were completed.  If you suffer from any medical conditions, take any medications, or have allergies, we’ll also need to know the details of each.

If you recently lost a lot of weight, and this is the reason you want a butt lift, then please tell our Orlando plastic surgeon.  We may need details on how much weight you lost, how long it took, and how you lost it.

To determine your treatment process, we will need to examine the lower part of your body and take photos.  Rest assured, these are all confidential and done in a discreet manner.

We’ll also take blood drawn for specific testing.

Your initial visit is the time when you can discuss all of your concerns and expectations with us. If you have certain questions, you may want to jot them down before you come.

Take the Next Step

Now that you know what to expect at a butt lift consultation, call our Orlando plastic surgeon. Dr. Spence, Dr. Ovalle and the exceptional team of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery are excited to be a part of your body’s transformation.

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