What is Lipo 360 and is it Right for Me?

What is Lipo 360 and How Much Does it Cost?

Lipo 360 is the latest innovation in liposuction technology, allowing for simultaneous fat removal from multiple areas of the abdomen. Rather than focusing on a singular concern, such as the love handles or lower belly pouch, lipo 360 allows your surgeon or liposuction specialist to treat the full torso at once. They may also be able to address stubborn fat on the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Hillcrest Plastic Surgery in Orlando, FL is proud to offer Lipo 360 body contouring treatment to help you feel confident in your skin. Our Lipo 360 prices start at $7000 with final costs varying depending on the treatment area.

Lipo 360 works similarly to traditional liposuction. After the initial consultation to determine you are a good candidate for the procedure, your surgeon will begin by injecting a saline-anesthetic mixture into the abdominal tissues. Once the area is adequately desensitized, the surgeon will create a small incision to insert a hollow tube to loosen fat deposits. The loosened fat is then liquified and removed with a surgical vacuum and probe using a repetitive back-and-forth motion. Lipo 360 also stimulates collagen production, helping to tighten the skin for up to 6 months after your procedure.

Am I A Good Candidate for Lipo 360?

This procedure, like other cosmetic surgeries, is not right for everyone. Each patient has unique needs and factors to consider when determining the best way to help you achieve your goals. At Hillcrest Plastic Surgery, our comprehensive consultation process includes a thorough health assessment and desired treatment area. This allows us to give you the best recommendation for your treatment. 

Ideal candidates for Lipo 360:

  • Are generally healthy and within their ideal body weight range
  • Have a BMI of less than 42
  • Do not have pre-existing health conditions that may interfere with surgery, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or asthma
  • Can maintain a healthy weight following the procedure

If you’re considering Lipo 360 to help smooth and contour your tummy, sides, and back, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fernando Ovalle or Dr. Kenrick Spence today. Even if Lipo 360 isn’t right for you, other treatment options may be available. 

Is Lipo 360 a Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Lipo 360 is not intended for surgical weight loss. While the procedure can remove up to 25 pounds of fat, it is not intended for significant weight loss or weight management. If you are looking for medical assistance for weight loss, Hillcrest Plastic Surgery does offer a customizable, non-invasive weight loss program. 

Designed and supervised by Dr. Fernando Ovalle Jr., a double board-certified plastic surgeon and obesity medicine specialist, our personalized program sets itself apart by offering comprehensive support alongside evidence-based weight management medications to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. 

To learn more about Lipo 360 at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery, our weight loss program, or any other procedures offered in our Orlando, FL office, call 407-999-2585 or book your consultation online.

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