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An osteoma is a benign tumor of bony growth. These non-cancerous tumors usually appear on the bones of the skull, although one rarely may develop on the neck. Most osteomas do not present any symptoms. They grow slowly, and unless they cause a problem, generally they are not treated. Residents of the Jacksonville/St. Augustine areas needing treatment for an osteoma can rely on Dr. Kenrick Spence of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery for excellent, patient-centered care.

Dr. Spence and his team of professionals understand how unsettling having an osteoma can be, despite its benign nature. You can expect peace of mind for osteoma treatment under the care of Dr. Spence and his team. Dr. Spence is the medical director of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery, and his team of professionals provides compassionate, knowledgeable care for Jacksonville/St. Augustine area residents. Board certified and specializing in advanced facial rejuvenation, facial surgery and facial revision surgeries, Dr. Spence is a renowned plastic surgeon dedicated to providing his patients with the best of surgical care.

Minimally Invasive Osteoma Treatment

The diagnosis of an osteoma does not automatically mean that it must be removed. In many cases, osteomas do not have symptoms. If the tumor is not affecting your appearance and it is not causing problems, your doctor may advise you that treatment is not necessary. A thorough examination of the outgrowth will help determine the most effective treatment, if any is required.

An osteoma that has symptoms may need treatment or removal. The symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Hearing problems
  • Vision problems
  • Sinus infections

Other health issues can manifest one or more of these same symptoms. A proper diagnosis is important to rule out other health concerns. If your symptoms are constant or painful, you need to seek medical attention to find the source of your discomfort and get treatment.

Some osteomas may be painful, and over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to provide relief. In other situations, the tumor may need to be removed. This can be done with minimally invasive surgery. After a thorough examination, Dr. Spence may choose to use a technique called the endoscopic endonasal approach (EEA), which does not involve making any incisions.

EEA uses the nose and nasal cavity as natural access to the osteoma. This approach allows removal of the osteoma without any incisions on the face. Patients experience a faster recovery time, and they appreciate not having any scars as a result of surgery.

Radiofrequency waves can also be used to shatter the osteoma, so that it does not grow back. Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation is another minimally invasive method of removing an osteoma. After careful consideration, your doctor will discuss the most effective method of treatment with you.

What are Osteomas?

An osteoma is a benign tumor comprised of either lamellar or spongy bone, depending on where it is situated. They are usually solitary, although very rarely an individual may have multiple osteomas.

Compact osteomas are outgrowths of mature lamellar bone. Spongy osteomas are outgrowths of cancellous or spongy bone, which is porous. This type of bone is weaker than lamellar bone, and it contains red bone marrow. The body manufactures red blood cells in the marrow of spongy bone.

Osteomas are diagnosed in only about 1%-3% of the adult population. Men are more prone to developing these tumors than women. Most people diagnosed with an osteoma are middle- aged, between 40 and 50 years old.

Most osteomas do not affect the patient’s appearance; however, larger tumors can cause swelling, and some do result in facial asymmetry. Removal of an osteoma is advised when symptoms are present or when there is potential for a problem to develop.

Dr. Spence and his team will provide you with a thorough examination and develop a customized treatment plan if removal is necessary or advisable. Contact Hillcrest Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Spence.

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