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Hillcrest Plastic Surgery serves residents of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale with a variety of plastic surgery treatments, including osteoma removal. These non-cancerous, bony outgrowths are mainly found on the bones of the skull and rarely on the neck. These slow-growing tumors rarely present any symptoms and, in most cases, do not need treatment. When a diagnosis shows that treatment is indicated, Dr. Kenrick Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle and their team of professionals at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery provide excellent, compassionate care.

Although osteomas are non-cancerous, some of these tumors can cause problems or be painful. Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle, of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery, can provide you with the peace of mind you need in diagnosing and treating osteomas. Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle are board certified plastic surgeons specializing in advanced facial rejuvenation, facial surgery and facial revision surgeries. Their expertise and background make them an excellent choice for residents of the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area when it comes to osteoma removal.

Minimally Invasive Osteoma Treatment

The diagnosis of an osteoma does not immediately indicate that surgery is necessary. In many situations, these tumors are not painful, nor are they noticeable. Only when symptoms are present will treatment be advised.

Symptoms of osteoma can include headaches, hearing issues, vision problems or chronic sinus infections. Remember that other health issues, like the common cold, can also present with these symptoms. In fact, osteomas are usually detected during a routine examination for other health conditions. Experiencing these symptoms does not mean you have an osteoma. If you are experiencing very painful symptoms, you should be seen by a doctor.

Pain generated by an osteoma is often treated with over-the-counter pain relievers. A thorough examination will detect any additional problems caused by the tumor. If removal is necessary, it can be accomplished with a technique called the endoscopic endonasal approach (EEA). This minimally invasive procedure uses the nasal cavity and the nose for access to the osteoma. Using EEA, the tumor is removed without causing any scarring to the face. There are no visible incisions, and patients recover faster.

Another method of osteoma removal is called percutaneous radiofrequency ablation. In this technique, radiofrequency waves are used to shatter the tumor. Once the tumor is destroyed in this manner, it will not grow back.

What are Osteomas?

These bony outgrowths are one of two types of benign tumors. Compact osteomas grow on mature lamellar bone. The second type, spongy osteomas, grow on the weaker, spongy bone, which is also called cancellous bone. As the name implies, spongy bone is porous. It contains red bone marrow where the body manufactures red blood cells.

Osteomas are not prevalent in the population. Only about 1%-3% of all individuals will develop one. Men are more prone to being diagnosed with an osteoma than women. The average age range of diagnosis is between 40 and 50. Multiple osteomas are not very common. Usually, only one will develop, and most of the time the individual’s appearance is not affected.

Large osteomas can cause swelling. They can also create facial asymmetry. Some obstruct proper sinus function and can lead to the development of a cyst, due to mucocele formation. If an osteoma develops in the orbital area, vision can be impaired.

Any facial surgery presents certain risks. When you have to undergo surgery for osteoma removal, you want a surgeon you can trust, one with the experience and expertise to complete the surgery with minimal discomfort and a quick recovery. You also want to make sure that scarring will be non-existent or kept to a minimum. Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle meet and exceed these requirements.

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