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A male facelift can enhance your masculine features and restore a more youthful appearance. You can boost your confidence with our masterful male facelifts performed by a board-certified facelift surgeon at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery.

Male Facelift Surgeon in Orlando, FL

Dr. Kenrick Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle understand that men typically want more prominent features and do not want a facelift that will make them look more feminine. One of our specialized male facelift surgeons will utilize their knowledge of facial anatomy and advanced facelift techniques to sculpt strong features to enhance your masculine look.

Benefits of a Surgeon Specializing in Male Facelifts

For facelift results that compliment your masculine appearance, opt for a facelift surgeon who specializes in male facelifts. Choosing a knowledgeable surgeon holds many benefits. A specialized male facelift surgeon can:

  • Hide surgical incision lines: Men usually wear their hair short, and this makes hiding incision lines more challenging. A skillful surgeon knows how to create a natural look by knowing just where to cut.
  • Target the right areas: When it comes to facial surgery, men usually want to address different areas than women. Men might struggle with fat accumulation under the chin, leading to a less defined jawline. Many men would like less neck laxity. An experienced male facelift surgeon can offer natural and masculine solutions to these problems.
  • Provide safer treatment: Men have larger blood vessels in their facial skin layer that nourish facial hair. Due to this, the likelihood of postoperative blood accumulation is higher. A specialized surgeon will take extra precautions during surgery to manage bleeding and identify potential blood vessel issues.
  • Create a natural look: A surgeon specializing in male facelifts sculpts a natural masculine look that is not tight and does not appear stretched. A surgeon can take tension off the skin and lift deeper layers of the face with a deep-plane facelift.

Why Choose Hillcrest Plastic Surgery for a Male FaceLift?

Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Expert plastic surgeons: Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle are board-certified plastic surgeons who can offer you the very best services. Dr. Spence has been voted Orlando's best plastic surgeon six years in a row, and Dr. Ovalle couples experience with academic excellence to provide clients with stellar results.
  • Knowledgeable team: To make the best choices for your body, you need the right information. One of our expert team members will ensure you know what to expect from your procedure, and they'll inform you about the benefits and possible risks of a male facelift.
  • High patient gratification: Our plastic surgeons and the rest of the staff work as a masterful team to provide personal care in a pristine environment. Our clients love our staff and facility. We look forward to adding you to our impressive list of happy clients when you choose Hillcrest for your male facelift.

Our Phenomenal Results

before and after male facelift

Extremely pleased with his results, this 52-year-old patient received a full facelift along with a bilateral upper blepharoplasty, temporal brow lift and fat injections.

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Many male patients have seen superb results at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery. Our surgeons are ready to help you, too! If you want to take control of your appearance, book a consultation online with one of our masterful surgeons today.

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