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A flawless appearance goes a long way in this world. You feel confident, beautiful and desirable. When you have keloids on your face, neck or hands, it can have a negative impact on your self-esteem, self-confidence and make you feel self-conscious. Removing unsightly keloids can restore those good feelings. Residents of the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area are fortunate to have the services of Dr. Kenrick Spence of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery available.

Dr. Spence is renowned as an authority in the field of cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is also well known for his success in the area of keloid treatment and removal. He has patients across the nation and throughout the world who have been helped by the specialized treatments he and his team have implemented. You can take advantage of a virtual or in-office consultation with Dr. Spence, and begin your journey to a better-looking, more confident you.

Keloid Scar Removal Treatment

Every year around the world, millions of people are affected by the development of unwanted keloids. These unsightly scars can develop anywhere on the body where the skin has been injured. The overproduction of collagen causes fibrous tissue to continue to grow beyond the bounds of the original scar, producing a thick, raised area of skin. The original scar may be small, but keloid growth can produce a scar much larger than the original.

Effective removal of keloid tissue requires expert knowledge and skill. Dr. Spence has a success rate of over 90% in treating and removing keloids. He and his team use a variety of modalities when treating keloids. With cutting-edge technology and techniques, along with precise surgery, Dr. Spence is able to provide optimum results in most cases.

Keloids can have a negative impact on the psyche when they appear in prominent areas like the face, neck and hands. They can also be uncomfortable due to the tightness of the skin and itching. Some keloids are in a position and large enough to limit your range of motion. Dr. Spence uses various modalities, including superficial radiotherapy (SRT 100+™) along with surgery, to treat and remove keloids effectively.

What You Need to Know About Keloids

Millions are affected by these outgrowths of scar tissue. However, some individuals are at a higher risk than others. People with darker skin are 15 to 20 times more likely to develop keloids. Africans, African Americans, Asians and Native Americans are among this group.

Genetics seem to also play a role. If a member of your immediate family has keloids, you could be at a higher risk for developing them yourself. Also, people under 30 are more likely to get keloids than older adults. They do not seem to favor one gender over the other. Both men and women seem to develop keloids at the same rate.

Keloid development takes a long time. The original scar may be months old before any signs of keloids develop. In some instances, you may not see any signs of a keloid for as long as a year after the original injury. When the signs are present, the keloid grows slowly. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to months for a keloid to stop growing. They have also been known to grow slowly for years.

Any injury that breaks the skin can become a keloid. They develop from injuries such as burns, injection sites, piercings, cuts and tattoos. Even severe acne can cause keloids. The fibrous scar tissue that makes up a keloid is not harmful to your health. When one appears on your face and interferes with the way you feel about yourself, it is worth the time and effort to investigate getting it removed.

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