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Keloid Removal Near Naples

Your appearance is important to you, and when unsightly keloids appear on your face, neck or hands, it can have a negative impact on your self-confidence. You can have those keloids treated and removed when you contact Dr. Kenrick Spence of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery. Residents of the Naples and Fort Myers area can receive personalized, compassionate and effective care from one of the most accomplished plastic surgeons in the country.

Renowned as an authority in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Spence provides specialized treatments for keloids. People throughout the United States and worldwide have received individualized treatment for their removal. You can become one of the many people who have had their lives improved by treatment and removal of unsightly keloids. It begins when you take advantage of a virtual or in-office consultation with Dr. Spence.

Keloid Scar Removal Treatment

Worldwide, millions of people are affected by keloid development every year. Keloids develop when the skin produces an overabundance of collagen in the healing process. Small scars can develop into much larger scars as tissue rises and extends beyond the borders of the original scar. Fortunately, these unsightly lumps of skin can be removed effectively with the proper treatment.

Effective treatment and removal of keloids require skilled expertise and precise surgery. Cutting edge techniques and technology, along with superior surgical skills, allow Dr. Spence to be a leader in keloid treatment and removal. With a 90% success rate, Dr. Spence and his team provide patients with optimal results.

Keloids are not just unattractive, as they can also cause discomfort. Some keloids are large enough and situated in such a way that they impair the patient’s range of motion. The itching and tightness caused by keloids can also be uncomfortable. Treatment and removal can be accomplished with precise surgery and other compatible modalities like superficial radiotherapy (SRT 100+™).

Dr. Spence and his team have achieved a high level of success in this area by utilizing different, highly effective modalities. Your individual needs are evaluated during a virtual or in-office consultation. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Spence will make a recommendation, indicating which treatment modalities will deliver the most effective results for your unique situation. One of your options may be non-invasive superficial radiotherapy (SRT 100+™), which is pain-free and is sometimes used in combination with surgery to provide optimal results.

What You Need to Know About Keloids

Keloids can be unsightly, especially if they develop on your face, neck or hands. However, they do not have an effect on your health. Keloids develop when an overabundance of scar tissue is produced at the site of a skin injury. It may take up to a year from the time of the original injury for the first signs of a keloid to appear. Once those signs begin, the keloid will grow slowly. This can take a few weeks or several months. Some keloids continue to grow slowly for years.

Any type of injury to the skin can develop into a keloid. Burns, cuts, injection sites, piercings, tattoos and even severe acne can lead to keloids if the individual is at risk.

People with darker skin seem to be at a higher risk for keloid development. In fact, they are 15 to 20 times more likely to develop keloids than the rest of the population. You may have a genetic predisposition for developing a keloid if a member of your immediate family has had one. Age may be a factor, since the majority of people who develop keloids are under 30.

If you have keloids that are causing you discomfort or embarrassment, contact Dr. Spence. Schedule an appointment for a consultation, and find out what treatment options are available for addressing your keloid problem.

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