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Keeping up appearances is important to most people. Clear, smooth skin is desirable, and angry scars can spoil an otherwise beautiful look. If you have keloids on your skin, consider having them removed by Dr. Kenrick Spence of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery. Tampa and St. Pete area residents can receive effective treatment and removal of keloids from one of the most accomplished plastic surgeons in the United States.

Dr. Spence is a renowned authority in the field of cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery. His specialized treatments for keloid treatment and removal have improved the appearance of patients throughout the United States and around the world. Take advantage of a virtual consultation to find out more about keloid treatment and removal by Dr. Spence, and begin your journey to a better looking, more confident you.

Keloid Scar Removal Treatment

Millions of people all over the world are affected each year with keloids. These scars can form after an injury to the skin. Keloids are the product of an overproduction of collagen. What began as a small scar can grow to be much larger and extend beyond the original scar. Keloid removal requires expert knowledge and skill in order for it to be effective. Dr. Spence has more than a 90% success rate in the treatment of keloids, due to his ability to perform precise surgery using cutting-edge techniques and technology.

Keloids can have more than an aesthetic impact on an individual’s life. When keloids appear on the face, neck or hands they can affect a person’s self-confidence. Additionally, these scars can also cause discomfort, itching, tightness and limited range of motion. Effective treatment for these keloids involves precision surgery and superficial radiotherapy (SRT 100+™) in addition to experience, knowledge and skill.

Dr. Spence and his team have established high success rates for keloid treatment and removal by utilizing various highly effective modalities. Each patient’s needs are evaluated during a virtual or in-office consultation with Dr. Spence. Following an evaluation, Dr. Spence will make a recommendation regarding the most effective treatment for your unique situation. Options presented may include the use of superficial radiotherapy (SRT 100+™). This pain-free, non-invasive procedure is often used in combination with surgery to achieve the best results possible.

What You Need to Know About Keloids

Keloids affect all types of people, but some people seem to have a higher risk for developing them than others. African Americans and others with darker skin are 15 to 20 times more likely to develop keloids. You may have a genetic predisposition to developing keloids if someone in your immediate family has them. Age may be a factor as well. It seems that they are more likely to develop in people under the age of 30. They do not seem to favor one gender over another.

When the skin is injured, fibrous scar tissue develops, replacing the old skin tissue during the healing process. Injuries to the skin include burns, cuts, injections, piercings and tattoos. Anything that can cause a scar on the skin can also cause a keloid.

When the body makes too much scar tissue, a keloid develops. This overabundance of tissue not only covers the original wound, but it can also spread beyond the original wound. Keloids do not appear when the scar first heals over. They grow slowly, and you may not see any sign of keloid growth for months. It may take up to a year before the first signs of a keloid appear. After that, it will grow for weeks or months. Some keloids grow slowly for years.

Keloids are not harmful, but when they appear on your face, neck or hands, they can be embarrassing. Dr. Spence and his team can remove those embarrassing keloids and restore a more natural-looking appearance. Contact him today to schedule a consultation, and find out how you can have your keloids removed effectively.

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