A Consumer Guide to Breast Augmentation in Orlando, Florida

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Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery 364,610 procedures were performed in 2005, up 9% since 2004.

The majority of the time that breast augmentations are performed all goes well; however, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, which is a serious undertaking. It is important that the consumer arm herself with as much knowledge as possible to minimize their risk and ensure a favorable outcome.

Guidelines vary from state to state as to who can perform various surgical procedures. In the state of Florida an M.D. or D.O. can perform a breast augmentation. The credentials of the practitioner are often dependent on the facility of which they operate and the training they have undergone. Visit the Board of Medicine’s website to help you determine the rules of office based surgery. Hospitals often subject physicians to rigorous screening ask if the surgeon has credentials to perform breast augmentation in the hospital even if surgery is being performed in an office setting.

Specialty training is important. Breast augmentation surgery is a formal part of training for all plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The state of Florida has guidelines as to what information should be disclosed to the patient with regards to specialty training and licensing. On June 12. 2006 the governor of Florida signed house bill 587, the Truth in Medical Education (TIME) Bill. Under this legislation all health care providers are required to disclose to patients (either orally, in writing, or by wearing a name tag) the license under which they operate. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are those plastic surgeons who specialize more so in aesthetic plastic surgery and have dedicated their practice to procedures such as breast augmentations, among other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Board Certification

Though board certification in the specialty of plastic surgery (note the distinction between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery) does not guarantee you a perfect outcome, it is usually a good place to start with a group of surgeons that have satisfied a basic level of training and have satisfied the standards of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Facility Accreditation

Facilities may be accredited by state accreditation agencies or by national accreditation agencies. It is important that you ask about facility accreditation. To be accredited facilities must meet a certain level of sterility and exhibit the ability to properly handle a medical emergency. These facilities are examined at specified intervals to ensure that they satisfy criteria. The consumer should ask which accreditation agency certifies the facility.

There is an array of anesthesia techniques for breast augmentation; these include everything from general anesthesia to local anesthesia. Your comfort level must be satisfied with not just the level of anesthesia but also with who is administering the anesthesia; important factors are the level of training and who is available should there be an anesthetic emergency. The range of choices may involve an MD formally trained and board certified, anesthesiologist, or nurse anesthetist. Ask if there is someone dedicated to giving anesthesia separate and apart from the surgeon. Whatever the choice you must be comfortable with that individuals training, capability, licensing, and experience.

Staff Training

Remember, no surgeon stands alone. The staff must be properly certified and trained. Ask questions such as, are they certified in resuscitation techniques such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support, what are the qualifications of the individuals in the operating room, and are the nurses licensed and trained?

Pre and Post Surgical Care for Breast Augmentation in Orlando

Pre and post surgical care is very important. This should be discussed prior to your procedure. The consumer should understand the availability of the physician and staff for follow up visits.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery in Orlando, Florida will vary. Costs in general include the following: cost of implants, cost of the surgical facility, cost of anesthesia, cost of garments, and possibly other post surgical care such as massage. It costs more to have an M.D. anesthesiologist than a nurse anesthetist. It also costs more for silicone implants vs. saline implants. You should know specifically what you are paying for. If the personnel at the facility are well trained they may come at a premium. You must be comfortable with your safety while understanding your purchase.

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