Breast Augmentation: What a Woman Needs to Know

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Most women having breast augmentation in Orlando at my practice stood in front of a mirror for months or even years wishing they had larger breasts and more cleavage with a very natural look. I've also seen many women who had breast augmentation surgery from another doctor and are not happy with their results.

No matter the qualifications and/or the experience your surgeon has, the truth is that not everything is achievable in breast augmentation surgery, and the procedure has one of the highest revisionary rates in the country. Making wise choices the first time around decreases your risk of complications and revisionary surgery.

Questions asked by patients of Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Kenrick Spence include:

  • Can I get an implant as large as I want? The answer is "No." Your choice of implant is very much limited by the tightness of your skin and the thickness of your tissue. A large breast implant with very little breast tissue and thin skin will only cause the breast to sag in the future, lead to rippling, and you seeing the implant through the skin. This must be taken into account by your surgeon.
  • Can I get any implant shape I want? Yes you can, but what shape is right for you? For example a broad base implant may give a lot of cleavage but if your skin is thin, you may see rippling along the sides where there is no muscle to cover the implant. You may want to settle for less cleavage rather than have a problem in the future.
  • Can I get my implants really close together? Not always. It depends on the width of your chest bone and how much tissue there is to cover the implants. Bringing the implants too close together could cause synmastia (the breasts are joined) or rippling in the middle of the breast.
  • Can I feel the implant? Yes, you will always feel the implant, whether saline or silicone, on the side and bottom of your breast where there is no muscle coverage.

It is important that you seek truth when consulting with surgeons about breast augmentation. Carefully choosing your implant takes thorough selection with attention to detail. Your consultation cannot be rushed. You should take the time to try on implants and think about body proportion. Remember, breast augmentation surgery is a procedure with one of the highest revisionary rates in the country.

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