Tears burn my eyes as I write, because I am so touched to have been blessed by the talent and professionalism of your entire team. Thank you for making me beautiful! I truly believed that the mirror had two faces. So many times I looked into the mirror, the image didn’t match. The face was someone who was tired, aged, and unhappy; someone who was not vibrant and alive, stared from the glass. Pictures were worse even when smiling I looked mean and exhausted. After much contemplation and research, I was referred to Dr. Spence. My initial consultation was great education. Different procedures were explained and discussed in length. I sensed great strength and competence in his recommendations. I elected to have a brow lift and chemical peel. The decision became a turning point in my life. Since my surgery, a dramatic change has occurred. Externally, the brow lift is not exaggerated, so everyone immediately asked me if I had gotten a lot of sleep while on vacation-that I looked so refreshed, that my skin glowed. Internally, my confidence has soared. I feel absolutely beautiful. Although I wasn’t necessarily unhappy prior to my surgery, I now feel truly happy. I feel that the face in the mirror finally matches.

- SW

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