Your After-Surgery Options

after surgery options

Like many plastic surgeons in the Orlando area, we believe that non-surgical procedures are a great complement to facial plastic surgery. These treatments are fast, effective, and can prolong the effects of your surgical procedure. A few non-surgical options that I think are worth trying after a facelift include:


  • Laser skin resurfacing: Lasers are a great way to enhance skin tone, improve skin texture, and reduce uneven pigmentation. Laser treatments not only work on the surface of the skin, but also underneath the epidermis to boost production of collagen (the protein responsible for supple, youthful-looking skin.) My facelift patients enjoy better skin quality and a reduction in fine lines with regular laser treatments.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: BOTOX is a popular cosmetic procedure when used alone, but when combined with facial surgery, the results are dramatic. BOTOX helps soften facial lines and creases around the eyes and forehead, two areas that a facelift does not address. This gives my facelift patients a more complete, comprehensive facial rejuvenation.
  • Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers can be used to add volume to the face — an essential component of a youthful-looking complexion. I often inject fillers under the eyes, in the lips, and in the cheeks to restore soft, full facial contours. Fillers can also improve the look of wrinkles and are used to enhance the jawline and give the brows a subtle lift.

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