Bootleg ‘Botox’ and Folly Fillers – Trend or Terror?

Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle specialize in revisionary facial plastic surgery and he is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of patients coming to him with facial deformities, serious infections, and in some cases irreversible damage after being injected with bootleg “Botox” and folly (illegal) fillers. More and more people are being lured into clandestine hotels, ‘spas’ and people’s homes, no questions asked, to be injected with ‘cheap’ “Botox” and “dermal fillers”.  What they don’t know is that the ‘cost’ they will pay will not be ‘cheap‘ at all. In rare instances when the ‘fillers’ can be removed the surgery required is usually more extensive than a facelift! Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle are huge advocates for public and patient safety and are appalled by the terror of this so-called “trend.”  He encourages people to ask questions first to avoid devastating results market fillers 1black market fillers 2

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