Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Breast Reconstruction Options

Pink cancer awareness ribbonOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when everyone is reminded of the impact of breast cancer and encouraged to provide support.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), breast cancer is a life-threatening disease that affects 240,000 women and 2,100 men annually. It is among one of the most common cancers experienced by women.

Breast cancer survivors are often left feeling depressed and drained by their disease, and many struggle with the loss of one or more of their breasts. Many women feel as though their breasts are an important part of their identity and what makes them feel confident and feminine.

For women who have had a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can help to restore balance and volume, allowing breast cancer survivors to feel confident again.

What Is Involved in Breast Reconstruction?

When you opt for breast reconstruction, your surgeon may use either implants (implant reconstruction) or tissue from another part of the body (autologous tissue reconstruction) to reconstruct and shape the breast. Your doctor will decide which of these is best for your body based on the type of mastectomy you had, your cancer treatments, and your body type.

When Can You Have Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Breast reconstruction can be performed at the time of the mastectomy (immediate reconstruction)or later after you have had time to recover (delayed reconstruction). You and your doctor can decide the best time to have your procedure. Some factors that may affect the best time to have your reconstruction include:

  • Radiation Therapy: If you’re still undergoing radiation therapy, you may want to wait until it’s complete. It has been known to cause issues with wound healing and infections in reconstructed breasts.
  • Type of Breast Cancer: Women with inflammatory breast cancer tend to need more extensive skin removal, which is not ideal for immediate reconstruction. This could delay your procedure.
  • Recovery: Some women prefer to fully recover from their mastectomy and other treatments so that they can begin their procedure healthy and healed.

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Breast cancer is a difficult and dangerous disease affecting many women and men. But you do not have to let it take away your confidence.

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