Facelifts for Men: Options for Redefining the Jawline

Portrait,Of,Smiling,Mature,Man,Standing,On,White,Background.While plastic surgery can benefit nearly anyone, regardless of gender, certain procedures must consider differences in sex to achieve the best possible results.

While other cosmetic surgeons may not take gender into account, the doctors at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery & Dermatology make sure to, especially when it comes to facelifts for men. By acknowledging the differences, Hillcrest Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is capable of offering facelifts that accentuate key male features and help you get the most out of your facelift.

Learn what makes male facelifts different and how they can increase facial symmetry, define your jawline, and more.

Why Are Male Facelifts Different?

Though the procedure is the same, a male facelift takes into consideration the key differences present in facial structure. For example, the male jaw tends to be wider. There is also the presence of the Adam’s apple to consider. By recognizing these differences and taking them into account during the procedure, the facelift can further accentuate these masculine features.

What Can a Facelift Help You With?

Facelifts are designed to reduce sagging skin, smooth folds of the cheeks and jaw, and can also remove excess fat. Facelifts for men can also help further accentuate your jawline, creating a more symmetrical appearance.

What Are the Facelift Options at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in Orlando, FL?

At Hillcrest Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, you have options when it comes to your facelift. While other cosmetic surgeons typically perform a facelift under general anesthesia. At Hillcrest Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, a facelift with local anesthesia can be offered to help increase recovery time and reduce the negative effects of general anesthesia, such as grogginess and nausea.

If you’re looking for the rejuvenating results of a facelift while also searching for a procedure that is less invasive than the traditional option, you can opt for the mini facelift. In the event you’d like a non-surgical option to help address sagging skin and improve the jawline, we also offer injectable fillers.

If you’re looking to redefine your jawline in Orlando, FL, Hillcrest Plastic Surgery & Dermatology can help. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle today at 407-999-2585.

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