BUDGET:The New ‘B’ Word

Cleansers, anti-oxidants, serums, eye creams, skin lighteners, tretinoin, moisturizers, sun blocks and whatever else we can add to the shopping cart all sound like things we should be using daily. However, with the unpredictable economy, who can afford all that? With this understanding, Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle, specialists in skin care in Orlando at Hillcrest Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, have developed a list of “must haves” to help everyone regardless of budget or financial freedom. It’s important to make sure that the skin is clean, exfoliated and protected. Otherwise you’re just throwing your money and time out the window. Here is a simple, budget-friendly regimen that will aid in improving your skin:

  1. Clean: Cleanser
  2. Strengthen: Vitamin C (antioxidant)
  3. Exfoliate: Tretinoin
  4. Protect: Sunblock

When the budget will allow for it again, it’s always advised to add skin care products one item at a time, such as a nice exfoliating moisturizer or eye cream. And let’s not forget about peels. Even a nice papaya or pumpkin peel every 3 to 6 months will give your skin care regimen a boost.

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