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Treating Skin Cancer Without Surgery

Our series of blog posts on skin cancer awareness initially focused on early detection, but let’s look now at what happens once skin cancer is found. Treating skin cancer in its early stages has remarkable success rates, and we’re seeing more and more people understand the importance of conducting regular self-exams as part of a skin …

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BUDGET:The New ‘B’ Word

Cleansers, anti-oxidants, serums, eye creams, skin lighteners, tretinoin, moisturizers, sun blocks and whatever else we can add to the shopping cart all sound like things we should be using daily. However, with the unpredictable economy, who can afford all that? With this understanding, Dr. Spence, a specialist in skin care in Orlando at Hillcrest Dermatology …

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Looking Your Best From Head to Toe

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With warmer weather just around the corner, a number of patients are turning to plastic surgeons to help them get their bodies beach ready. What many people overlook, however, is the importance of facial skin care in Orlando. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are a great way not only to refresh your appearance but also to boost …

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