2 Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Rosacea

Orlando FL Woman After Receving Skin Treatment Is your skin blotchy and uneven? Maybe you get tiny breakouts on your cheeks, near your mouth and chin, or on your nose.

Redness, irritation, and visible blood vessels are all signs of rosacea. Hillcrest Plastic Surgery can help you.

Many Treatments, But No Cure

Rosacea is intricately intertwined with several auto-immune diseases, and there is no cure for the inflammation in your skin. The primary way to treat rosacea is to avoid what triggers a flare up; heightened emotions, spicy food, temperature extremes, alcohol, and sugars are among the most common triggers.

You may have an easier time removing or avoiding some of these triggers than others. (However, in Florida, it’s hard to avoid extreme temperatures!)

But there are other treatments available to help you put your best face forward. At Hillcrest Plastic Surgery we offer two therapies:

  • A customized facial care system. Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle may recommend a combination of products depending on your skin type and how the rosacea presents on your skin. Using calming, anti-inflammatory products is one of the best ways to soothe the redness, bumps, and swelling.
  • Laser light assisted therapy. Low Level Laser Light Therapy can be used to treat the inflamed veins and skin. However, this does leave the skin pink for a while afterward, which may be a deterrent for those wishing to remove the redness from their skin right away.

Rosacea can be an embarrassing disorder, whether you get tiny blemishes on your face or flush bright red at any change in emotion. Schedule your appointment at our Orlando office.  With Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle’s treatment, the change will be more than skin deep.

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