Skincare Online: 4 Important Facts

At a time when almost every form of merchandise is available on the Internet, patients at our our medical spa in Orlando often ask about purchasing skincare products online. With many tantalizing options and competitive prices enticing you, why not take advantage of the convenience?

  1. If you intend to create verifiable, sustainable and healthy change in your skin, your skincare products have to be chosen specifically for your needs. Your skin is as unique as your thumb print, and one size does not fit all. It’s important to have the supervision and advice of a professional who has in-depth knowledge of the products as well as a thorough understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Some products may not be right for your skin type or could cause problems if used too long. At Hillcrest Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, with our experienced team of professionals and the aid of computerized imaging of the skin at the dermal level, skincare is truly customized.
  2. Applying discount skincare treatments yourself may seem convenient and affordable, but are those components at the correct strength and depth? Even though most of us have a limited amount of “me time,” a short trip to your professional is well worth it. You’re investing in your best results, and yes, getting a little pampering too.
  3. Ordering online includes many unknowns. For example, did you know that products designed to create real change or effects on your skin should be stored and shipped in a particular manner? Were your products stored prior to shipment? And, under what kind of temperature controls? Exposure to heat may promote the growth of bacteria or diminish the product’s effectiveness, which may lead to unpleasant results.
  4. Consider the shelf life of online products. Expired products can cause uncomfortable and unsightly rashes, or they may lose the potency they once had. But most skincare products don’t have expiration dates printed on them, so you won’t know how old they are. At Hillcrest Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, this small detail matters….your face is our reputation.

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