What’s In Your Skin Care Products?

ksm drspence 200x200px 150x150 1 I once ventured thru a very high end department store with one of my nurses on a fact finding mission. The young ladies at the cosmetic counter were elegantly adorned and well made up, some with flawless skin.

They recommended multiple products, often used in many Orlando day spas, to achieve a glow. When I probed a little further, it was clear they did not know what was in the product. By law, at least in the state of Florida, over the counter cosmetics cannot change the form or function of the skin.
I tell my Orlando skin care patients if you want to achieve real change, find a good aesthetician backed by a physician knowledgeable in medical grade skin care. Lines such as Obagi® and Dermesse™ can be used to help achieve the beautiful skin you have always desired.
Think about this, when you shop at the cosmetic counter what kind of analysis is done before a product is selected for you? Everyone’s skin is unique and products should not be treated as “one size fits all.”
At Hillcrest Dermatology & Plastic Surgery in Orlando, patients go thru a thorough skin analysis using the VISIA™ skin analysis system and your skin is cared for by professionals with years of experience. When it comes to your skin, start shopping wisely.

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