Facelift – Then and Now: A Look At How Far Modern Techniques Have Come

More often than not, when patients hear Dr. Spence say the word ‘facelift,’ I see an immediate change in their posture and a grimace come across their faces.  This is because the traditional facelift done years ago typically resulted in a ‘windblown’ or ‘pulled back,’ unnatural look which is definitely NOT a desired look for most patients and it certainly is not a look Dr. Spence wishes to deliver. The great news is, today’s facelift is NOTHING like it used to be!  Nowadays, plastic surgeons understand that a ‘youthful’ look is a full, soft, natural one, not a hollowed out, pulled back, skeletal one. Dr. Spence performs and recommends an array of modern, less invasive, facial rejuvenation techniques such as the MACS (minimal access cranial suspension) lift which can be performed under local anesthesia, corrects the cheek folds and jowls, has a shorter recovery time, causes less bruising and swelling, and can be combined with treatments like fat grafting, fillers, lasers, chemical peels, brow lifts, and eyelid surgeries and best of all…it’s more affordable! Call today for a consultation to learn more about new and improved facial rejuvenation techniques!  You may just be surprised at how far the ‘facelift’ has come!

Before MACS lift, fat grafting to face, bow lift and upper and lower eyelid surgery.



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