Tear Trough Filler for Radiant Eyes

Tear troughYou may have woken up one morning and thought to yourself, “Wow, my eyes look tired today.” Well, it’s natural over time for people to develop something called tear troughs. Tear troughs can make under your eyes look tired, sagged, hollow, or like there are dark circles there.

While your tear troughs don’t cause any medical issues, some feel it makes them feel old and affects their confidence. That’s why dermal fillers are often used to restore underneath your eyes to have a more youthful appearance. Let’s take a look at how dermal fillers are used as a dark circle treatment.

What Causes Tear Trough?

Tear troughs naturally develop as a result of aging. Our skin loses collagen and becomes less elastic as we age. This can lead to sagging in facial areas. We also lose facial muscle mass as we age, which can also lead to developing things like tear troughs.

How Dermal Fillers Help

Dermal fillers are used in various cosmetic procedures because they are non-surgical, quick, have no downtime, and are non-invasive. Dermal fillers can be used underneath the eyes to fill out the tear trough and reverse the appearance of the sunken skin. This is essentially giving the body a helping hand by providing extra material, like hyaluronic acid, so the skin doesn’t have to be tight to look youthful.

These fillers are eventually metabolized by the body because of their biocompatible material. This means that dermal fillers are not permanent and last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the brand and material used.

Getting Radiant Eyes With Dermal Fillers

Your eyes are one of the first things people see when they first look at you. That’s why many people put so much effort into their skincare to make sure their eyes are the star of the show. That’s why we at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery offer a wide range of dermal fillers that can be used to give your eyes the boost they deserve.

Our plastic surgeons have over two decades of combined experience and have a focus on results, comfort, and professionalism. Let our office help you take the first step toward radiant eyes, and contact Hillcrest Plastic Surgery at 407-999-2585 for a consultation.

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