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The Peel Appeal

We have all seen that bleached-out, thin skin look that makes you cringe or want to ask "Why would someone do that to their skin?" This look can be the result of bad chemical peels and with the advent of the day spa, like the sidewalk cafe where you get the special of the day, chemical peels have been misused and abused like no other skin treatment.

Then came laser skin treatments and the chemical peel fell out of favor; the laser was sexy and very "techy," which appealed to both surgeons and patients. Truth be told, in comes the old and out goes the new—the Orlando chemical peel has a new appeal. Peels are an extremely reliable and less expensive way to rejuvenate the skin and when done well, the results are beautiful with very little down time.

Proper preparation of the skin is key to a successful peel experience. Beware of walk-in peels; understand you skin first. At Hillcrest Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, we use lasers, but we never threw our peels away. We have performed thousands of peels over the years for acne, sun damage and melasma with patients returning to work the next day—it's all in the preparation and choosing the right peeling agent. Here in the sunshine state, sun damage is never far away and peels are a great way to keep it at bay, so it's important to choose your chemical peels wisely.

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