2 Ways to Address Neck Bands

neck band treatment botox orlando At our Orlando plastic surgery practice, we have many patients come to us because they are

 unhappy with the appearance of their necks. There are many ways to improve the look of “neck bands,” or loose skin in the neck. Here are two approaches I use:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: Physicians commonly treat wrinkles on the brow with BOTOX, but at my Orlando practice, I also use BOTOX to correct neck bands. Injecting BOTOX into the muscles responsible for the neck bands relaxes them and allows the skin of the neck to lie smooth.
  • Component facelift: This is my customized approach to facelift surgery. As part of this procedure, I carefully assess your personal aging pattern. To treat neck bands, I would tighten and lift the muscles of the face and jawline that lie beneath skin, specifically addressing loose tissue in the neck and any other areas that may need attention to enhance your overall appearance.

While neck band treatments with BOTOX include very little if any recovery, surgical correction with a component facelift offers the advantage of enduring results.

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