What to Expect After Butt Lift Surgery?

Womans butt With Arrow markingsButt lift surgery can be an excellent way to improve your buttocks’ shape and achieve the desired results. At the practice of Dr. Kenrick A. Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle in Orlando, FL, women considering this procedure will want to fully understand the risks and aftercare needed to ensure the best possible results.

Risks and complications of the butt lift surgery

Most butt lift surgery patients report excellent results and are pleased with their new shape. However, like any other surgery, there is always the potential for complications. The most common complications following butt lift surgery include:

  • Infection. Infection is actually one of the most severe complications of any surgery and can occur following butt lift surgery. These infections can lead to severe complications such as abscesses, cellulitis, and sepsis.
  • Bleeding. Bleeding is another possible complication following butt lift surgery. Although most bleeding is minor and can be controlled with pressure dressings, some bleeding can be more significant and require a blood transfusion.
  • Scarring. Scarring is also a possibility following any surgery. Butt lift surgery typically leaves scars hidden by clothing, but some patients may be more prone to developing visible scars. Asymmetry. Asymmetry is another possible complication following butt lift surgery. Although every effort is made to create symmetrical results, perfect symmetry is not always possible.

Patients who experience these complications should contact Dr. Kenrick A. Spence or Dr. Fernando Ovalle of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery immediately. These complications are treated successfully if they are caught early.

How long does the healing process take?

Most patients report excellent healing following butt lift surgery. The incisions usually heal well, and the scars are typically hidden by clothing. However, it is essential to remember that the healing process can take several months. Most patients take approximately two weeks off from work and other activities and avoid sitting for long periods during this healing process. Therefore, you must follow all of our doctors’ post-operative instructions to ensure the best possible results.

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