Why massage is important following plastic surgery

massage therapy In the field of plastic surgery, achieving the ideal shape and contour of the body is often of utmost importance. However, patients who do not closely follow their post-operative instructions may find themselves experiencing unwanted complications. Everyone wants a smooth recovery from their plastic surgery, so working with a doctor to determine what can be done after the procedure is key to achieving the results one desires without risk of infection. Dr. Kenrick A. Spence, Dr. Fernando Ovalle and their team in Orlando, FL encourage patients to consider the benefits of special services after their procedure, including massage.

Why are massages beneficial after surgery?

Many patients who are told by Dr. Kenrick A. Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle that massage therapy should be a priority after surgical procedures are curious as to why this is. Post-surgery massages are a great way for patients to speed recovery. This is due to several benefits. Massages:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Relieve pain and swelling
  • Drain excess fluids that result in swelling
  • Relieve soreness and numbness in the treatment areas
  • Reduce the risk of complications in the future
  • Flush out lactic acid from the body
  • Relieve psychological symptoms of stress
  • Stimulate the production of mood-regulating hormones, including serotonin and dopamine
  • Put pressure on scar tissue to loosen surrounding muscles
  • Decrease overall recovery time
  • Improve final results
  • Disrupt scar tissue formation

Do massages hurt after plastic surgery?

Massages performed after surgery, sometimes referred to as drainage massages, are sometimes uncomfortable for patients. This is because after a few days following surgery, patients are often sore. However, patients who have drainage massage performed after their procedure will report faster healing and less swelling and discomfort over the course of their recovery time. When performed along with close compliance with the aftercare instructions given, many patients have a positive post-operative experience when they work with Dr. Kenrick A. Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle.

How do I learn more about surgical aftercare?

Dr. Kenrick A. Spence, Dr. Fernando Ovalle and their team in Orlando, FL believe that what you do after your procedure is just as important as the surgery itself. If you are considering a body contouring treatment at our facility and want to learn more about post-operative care instructions to follow, call the office at (407) 999-2585 and book an appointment at 130 Hillcrest Street.

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