Why You Need a Plastic Surgeon After Skin Cancer Removal

Did you know nearly 20 percent of all Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime? While skin cancer is can be fatal, it is highly treatable when detected and removed early.

Removing skin cancer is best performed under the renowned surgical technique known as Mohs surgery. Using Mohs microscopic surgery, the skin cancer is removed in layers of tissue and examined under a microscope on site until all of the remaining cancer cells are cleared. While this approach certainly eliminates the unnecessary removal of healthy skin tissues, it can still leave unsightly wounds and scarring when performed on the face.

Facial Skin Cancer Scars Can Be Corrected

Having your facial skin cancer removed should bring a sigh of relief. If Mohs surgery scarring is keeping you from a confident complexion after skin cancer, a plastic surgeon should be your next call. In fact, when a Mohs surgeon and plastic surgeon work together, you can receive life-saving cancer treatments as well as face-saving plastic surgery to preserve your health and appearance. Keep in mind that a qualified plastic surgeon also has a keen understanding of how and when to preserve the functional aspects of the skin deficit when the wound is near the nose, mouth, eyes or ears.

Mohs Reconstructive Surgery

When a plastic surgeon addresses skin deficits from Mohs surgery it is called Mohs reconstructive surgery. For optimal results, this plastic surgery should be performed as quickly as possible after Mohs. There are varying degrees of scarring, wounds and skin deficits after Mohs depending on the location of the face and how far the cancerous tumor penetrated the skin. However, a skilled Mohs plastic surgeon can employ a full range of cosmetic treatments and procedures to help you hide your skin cancer blemishes, ranging from scar revision surgery and skin grafting to non-surgical treatments that can revitalize and improve skin texture and tone.

Even when Mohs surgery is minimal, reconstruction can still be performed to achieve a fully confident appearance. You can trust that Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle have undergone special training to address these skin concerns left behind by Mohs surgery. Regardless of the location or extent of your Mohs wound, we can restore your complexion the way you deserve so that you can fully put your skin cancer behind you.

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