Liposuction Back-Dr. Kenrick Spence

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Case Details

Patient and procedure background: This patient from Heathrow, Florida was interested in SculptEase liposuction in Orlando because, as a mother of two with an extremely active lifestyle, she did not want to have to deal with any significant downtime. She was concerned about the excess fatty tissue around the buttocks and saddlebags. The busy mom was also bothered by fat around her abdomen and back. Since the woman is so active, she was frustrated about the fat’s resistance to exercise.

Recommendation: Dr. Spence recommended SculptEase liposuction at an Orlando outpatient center to reduce the presence of fat in the area of the saddlebags, lower the waistline and back and define the waistline and buttocks creating a “fuller” more rounded appearance. The patient decided on a staged procedure 2 weeks apart, addressing saddlebags in the first stage, lower back and waistline in the second stage.

Procedure: Dr. Spence performed his patient’s Orlando liposuction at the accredited Hillcrest Surgical Suite under local anesthesia, with the use of a power assisted liposuction device. Through incisions of 3mm, 250 cc of fat were bilaterally removed from the saddlebags. In second stage, 400 cc’s of fat were removed from the lower waist and back. The patient received postoperative massages and was discharged after surgery wearing a compression garment.

Follow-up: Postoperatively, the patient returned to her normal daily routine within 24 hours. She wore her compression garment for 4 weeks.  Her results shown here are from 12 weeks after surgery. Today, Dr. Spence’s patient recommends the SculptEase procedure to others. She feels it took a problem she had her whole life and made it disappear.

Surgeon: Dr. Spence
Patient Age: 34
Height: 5’4″
Weight Before: 110 lbs
Patient Gender: Female

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