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At Hillcrest Plastic Surgery in Orlando, skin care is a key component of our comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation. To create a treatment plan designed to enhance your beauty, renowned skin care specialists Dr. Kenrick Spence and Dr. Fernando Ovalle evaluate your skin type, condition, and desired results. Every member of Hillcrest Plastic Surgery shares the same goal: providing you with radiant, healthy skin that will make you smile every time you look in the mirror.

At every age and every stage, we'll support you on your journey towards a lifetime of beautiful skin. Request a consultation with Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle today. Or, you can give us a call at 407-999-2585, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help you.

Meet Dr. Spence

With extensive knowledge and skills, Dr. Kenrick Spence specializes in achieving a beautiful, healthy look you'll love!

Your Skin Care Options

We use professional quality skin care products in many different ways, from conditioning your skin prior to surgical or non-surgical procedures to enhancing your results after your treatment. In addition, we advise you on the ideal at-home skin care regimen for achieving and maintaining glowing, healthy skin.

Using their in-depth knowledge and skills in facial aesthetics, Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle examines your skin thoroughly. They then tailors a skin care regimen and treatment plan to provide you with:

  • An easy-to-follow, effective regimen to improve your skin's health and appearance
  • A professional skin care treatment plan at the Hillcrest Plastic Surgery, including options such as light and laser therapy and BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Your customized skin care plan will be designed to address your unique concerns, such as acne, pigmentation irregularities, age spots, and wrinkles. Also available are treatments tailored to different ethnicities. Learn more by reading about our options for skin care for skin of color. In addition, men increasingly are recognizing the professional and personal benefits of healthy, youthful skin, and we also provide specialized skin care for men.

Skin Care Products

We carefully evaluate all products for their ease of use, effectiveness, and long-term results. When you meet with Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle, they will meticulously evaluate your skin to choose the ideal combination for you. Below is a sampling of the many outstanding products that we feature for optimal skin care in Orlando.


For many of our patients, Obagi has provided significant improvements. From rejuvenating your skin for a healthy glow to preventing the signs of aging to acne treatment, Obagi offers a full range of clinically proven product lines available only through physicians. We work with you to determine which of the many Obagi solutions is right for revealing your inner radiance, such as gentle cleansers, sun block, and night eye cream.

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NeoStrata can correct a wide range of skin concerns, from wrinkles to poor skin tone to acne. This physician-dispensed line of products features advanced hydroxy acid technology, and is recommended by skin care professionals around the world. NeoStrata also can add moisture to dry skin and smooth roughly textured skin. Solutions we offer in this line include high potency cream and facial cleanser.

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The Dermesse product line is considered the "next generation" of hydroquinone and tretinoin therapy, with highly effective products formulated to target different types of skin care concerns. From screening your delicate skin from the sun to replenishing collagen to combating signs of aging such as dullness, Dermesse products can achieve many cosmetic goals. Among the Dermesse products we offer: an exfoliator, skin lightener, and toner.

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The SkinCeuticals line of products focuses on prevention, correction, and protection – the 3 keys to creating a successful skincare regimen at every age. Among the selections we offer are a purifying cleanser, clarifying clay masque, and conditioning solution. Dr. Spence or Dr. Ovalle will advise you on which options can result in the glowing skin you desire.

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LATISSE® for Eyelash Enhancement

Many of our patients ask us if we have any options for enhancing sparse, short eyelashes. Our proven solution: LATISSE, the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for eyelash enhancement. Applied topically each night, LATISSE stimulates the growth of longer, fuller, darker lashes over the course of 8 to 16 weeks.

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